amh dropped from .7 to .2 on clomid help!

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    im ttc #2. It took 18 months ttc with our first. We fell pregnant on our first iui. This was 4 years ago. My amh with my first pregnancy was .8 and my cycles were pretty regular.
    Fast forward 4 years and my amh 7 months ago was .7 so it has gotten worse. 8 months ago I fell pregnant on my own unexpectedly but it ended in a miscarriage. My RE put me on 3 unmonitored cycles of clomid because I’ve used it in the past. I just tried my 2nd round of clomid, and my body isn’t reacting the way it did 4 years ago. I had 9 straight days of positive opk’s. So I had my RE do bloodwork to see if I ovulated and the lab has been very slow getting my bloodwork back. So far I got a result back for my amh and it’s now .2!!! I haven’t gotten my period yet. I’ve had 7 days straight of brown spotting. I have no idea what is going on! How did my amh go from .7 to .2 in 7 months when in 4 years it only went from .8 to .7? Has anyone ever experienced this?

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