And finally we are all home!!! :-)

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    Hi ladies,
    sorry it's taken so long for me to update you but things have been a little hectic hehe.

    My story in a nutshell.....
    ....Sept 10th 21:25pm my hubby sat on my foot whilst watching tv causing me to twitch and my waters broke.
    22:15pm I arrived at hospital and upon examination I was told I was in labour (I was never in any doubt lol)
    After a very very quick labour at 35+2, Laila was born at 23:25pm weighing 5lb 8oz shortly followed by her brother Max at 00:19am weighing 5lb 13oz. All was well for the first 12hrs then Laila was admitted to NICU for respiratory reasons and Max was rushed to a specialst childrens hospital for surgery. So my twins were separated at around 20hrs old and weren't reunited until they were just over 2 weeks old. My husband and I had such a traumatic time in those 2 weeks trying to be with both our babies who were in hospitals 50 miles apart and also trying to spend time with our 13month old who was at home. I have never felt so torn in all my life!
    it took 4days for my little Max to come round from the morphine from his op but he got there in the end but lost a lot of weight as he wasn't feeding. Laila got worse as she caught an infection whilst in NICU and needed further treatment for this.
    However.....I am happy to report that both my babies are safely at home. We have had just over a week at home to adjust to our new family life and couldn't be happier. I am so pleased to have all my babies under 1 roof and although at times I am exhausted, I am never too tired to realise how lucky I am :-D
    We still have to go to the hospital regularly for check ups etc but both my babies are recovering very well.

    Here are some pics I've taken since we've been home.

    Thanks for reading xx

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