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Anniversary Present ideas needed please


Mum of 3
Dec 21, 2006
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It's my parent's 45th Wedding Anniversary on the 3rd March (I know I'm not leaving much time!), and I'm totally stuck for a present.

I've searched everywhere and all I can see are nick-nacks. :( You know the type of thing - a box with 2 champagne flutes in that are engraved. Tack! :shock: :lol:

I've already got them a lovely handmade personalised card from an Ebay seller, but it's the present I'm stuck for.

As some ideas for things I've bought them in the past........

A bottle of Bollenger from 1962 for their 30th.
An oil painting of a coral reef for their 35th.
A miniture rose called Ruby Red for their 40th.

But now I'm stuck on their 45th.... it's Sapphire. :?

Money's not very fluid at the minute so I've only got about £50. Oh, and my Dad can't drink alcohol due to a health problem!

Help????? [-o<
What about a copy of the newspaper on the day they were married? They do them in some really nice presentation boxes.
How about an overnight/hotel trip? If you sent them to the seaside you'd have the sapphire/blue bit sorted?

*EDIT* Just seen your budget so an overnight might not be possible. A day trip though?
Lynnie - my Dads really sad (or really sweet!) and actually went out and bought all the newspapers the morning they got married. So he has the originals! :roll:

And Minxy - they're bloody loaded and have just come back from an all inclusive fortnights cruise down the Nile last week! I think my efforts at a day/night away would seem a little pathetic. :oops:

Thanks for the ideas though, normally both would be great, but I have really awkward parents!!! :lol:
i take it your parents are a little like OH's 'what do you get people who have everything' :lol: :lol:

good luck hun finding them something nice


Blue flowers?

Bombay Sapphire gin? (mmmmm, my fave :D )

Matching blue dressing gowns/pj's?

A nice family photo of you and the kids in a blue frame?
Theatre tickets?

Meal out?

Tough one though!
I always buy a cheap basket (look in wilkinsons),get some cellophane from florests about 30-60p and metre and do a hamoer full of what they love.

I did xmas for my mum and she was made up,I put in bubble bath,make-up,books,biscuits,chocs,stupid peices um,gloves,socks,red wine,oh loads and didnt cost loads either.

I did mine purple and gold(sounds minging but looked lovely) all the pressies were either gold/purple themselves and had oppsoite wrapping paper on.

Just an idea but you could do it very quick in a day and also put photo of you and family in a frame they love stuff like that and also you ARE there anniversary in a way being there child. (it was your mum and dad wasnt it?)

Hope this helps

Do hamper Blue and Gold (gold being for healthy next five years when it will be gold) and blue for 45 years

Tell me to shut up if you like,lol
Good ideas thanks! I do actually like the idea of the hamper bexxie, I think I could do that. I've had my hours changed at work and now have an hours lunch, so I could easily pop to the local shops every day to pick something up. Thanks hun!!! :D

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