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Any hardcore gamers in here?


The four of us.
Jul 22, 2010
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Hey everybody!

Anybody in here a hardcore gamer?

Does anybody else buy practically every game that comes out, or is it just me?

:flow: xx
Me. I save all my holidays from work for ones im really looking forward to. Took a week off for COD. My family think I have a problem lol :shrug:
I've bought pretty much every release in this years busy period (Aug-now) except a few that I'll pick up after Christmas :) xx
I dont think I am hardcore anymore, I used to be. I go through stages of playing, then I stop for a while. I bought my fiance a few xbox games for xmas, one of them being Gears or war 3, I can play that online for hours! Probably the only reason I bought it haha!

I play more crappy games on my 3ds/pc most of the time now. There are a lot of good games out at the mo tho
If I could afford to, probably aha.
I'm not too hardcore with games, but I have a select few on my Xbox that I adore and could play forever or something lol.
Currently liking Mass Effect (only just started it though), FFXIII (before XIII-2 comes out aaah!), Dance Central and getting ACB, which I am quite excited for.

Oh, and Fable <3
I do. I got everything (bar games that get terrible scores and look no good).
Last couple of months sure has been hard on the money :blush:

Console or PC gamer?
I'm a console gamer, but also buy PC games too :) Over the course of this year I've spent well over £2000 on games :blush: xx
Do you buy Limited Editions aswell? Or just standard editions ? xx
Depends. Rarely new releases but for sequels I do when I really like the game.

Also what they contain. Some limited contain nothing but cost loads! I tend to go for the ones with cool posters and stuff like that :winkwink:

Do you?
Always :blush: Even if I don't like/want to play the game :blush: This is a really old picture now, but here's one small part of my collection (only one corner of my livingroom, and I have games in every room in the house except the bathroom :blush:)

Okay... So I'm jealous :blush: Is that GoW signed?!
Some of them will be real high value too if you don't open them.
Yeah, it's signed by the guy who does the motion capture for Kratos :) hoping to get it signed by the voice actor too :D

I also have Fable III Collector's Edition signed by the entire dev. team and Peter Molyneux of course :D

And a Killzone 3 steelbook and artbook signed by all of Guerrilla :)

And Enslaved signed by the devs at Ninja Theory :D

And quite a few other signed things too :D Also have letters from Lionhead Studios/Bethesda/Guerrilla :)

I'm such a geek it's unreal :blush:

Oh, and I know, they'd be worth a lot more sealed, but I can't help but open them :rotf: and I can't justify buying two at once to keep one sealed since it'd cost me far too much :haha: Although I never plan on selling any of them :D xx
:laugh2: Where do you get all the signed ones from?! I live on the mid EU continent and there's never any events like that around here.

And Bethesda.. which what why!

Geek girls are cool. Need more of them rather than the usual casual MW3 crowd :winkwink:
Haha, I don't go to any events, I just speak to them on occasion (although I bought my GoW from a collector friend who had it signed at an event in the US) :)

Yeah, I have a couple of little letters from Bethesda as I won some stuff from them when RAGE came out, and I've spoken to them a couple of times since :)

My collection is a huge part of me, but it's also very time/money consuming :haha: with all the hunting down certain items and also having to import a lot of them from US/Australia/etc :) Luckily I have friends across the globe that help me out :) xx
i used to be - me and OH have an ok collection of consoles/games etc...( i think off the top of my head our xbox collection is about 180 now with around 35/40 doubles :blush:) but i just don't seem to find the time anymore. i've got consoles ranging from the NES to the PS3 and am sad to admit we have doubles of most O__O

last time i touched the xbox i think my GamerScore was 41035
I dread to think how many I have in my collection, and I have a lot of doubles, of games though, not editions, so I will have maybe 3 or 4 of one game, but in different editions so it's okay in my book :p xx

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