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Any One Still Awake?


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Sep 15, 2006
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Just wondering....I only just started drinking and its only 5:30pm here.....
Me but Im about to go to bed soon :D

Having fun? :wink:
Only just started......Did you have a good New Years?
Sat in, on here watched tv had a drink :roll:

It was our 1st year with bambino so she stayed up 2 :D
:lol: Thats sweet......Did she have fun?
She wondered what all the fuss was about 8)

How's doggy woggy? :D
Nite Suz, im off to beddy.

Enjoy ur New Year and a big smooch to your adorable doggy xxxx
Thanks Storm is great...She wants dinner...

Night K. Happy New Year.
I here!

not in a good way though :x

Dior and Harley are real poorly. have been sick every where. and coughing loads.
we were having a good house party i was merry and on my way to getting drunk until Dior and Harley started.

im now sat eher tryiong to pass time while holding a saucepan under Dior to catch sick :roll:

cant wait to get her to the doc in the morning
:hugs: Poor babies........Hope they feel better soon....
hope their okay dionne, see if there is a chemist open to get some diorahlyte (sp) as it will be a bugger to get seen by a doc this morning,there will be chemists taking it in turn for opening.its doing its runds im afraid, lily had the sickness at christmas then had the diarohea 2 days ago

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