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Sep 18, 2008
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Now I do not know what DPO I am, it is either 9 or 7 but I know I did O on one of those days. Any ways, I have a few questions, can your luthal phase change? I am usually 11 DPO and wake up to low temps and start that day. Next question, normally after O I (Warning TMI) have really creamy CM and feel dry. Lately I have been very watery. I even stood up and went to go down stairs but had to detour to the bathroom because I thought I peed my pants :rofl: Yeah that would have been great. Nope it was just CM, I have had this off and on for quite a few days and am confused as to when :witch: will arrive because my CM is out of wack. Thanks ahead of time for any information you gals might have or just suggestions.
hi hun sorry do not have a answer but if you get one please please tell me cuz i have had the some thing on and off for the last 2 days cm been very wet on the tuesday it was so bad when i stood up at a meeting i thuoght i had wet my self went to the loo and was real wet i am new to all this and not sure if this is normal so glade someone else has same thing makes me feel less worryed.:)
please do let me know if you find any thing out
I will do, I was in the store on Monday and had to drag my son to the bathroom with me because I though :witch: was here. I know that CM can be different for everyone but I usually pay attention to my CM don't really document it but notice a pattern and I normally get creamy CM before :witch: and that starts almost right after I ovulated but this month I feel like I need to put a diaper on myself whenever I change my son.LOL. I will keep you updated.
thanks alot. i tried to work out when my:witch: will start and it should be the 13 of october but that feels like ages to wait and find out if the :witch::witch: will get me .that a week of feeling like my :witch: has started running to the loo and see that there ant nothing there :dohh:

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