Any tips on dealing with tummy bug while bfeeding :(

Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by mamaofthree, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. mamaofthree

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    Hi All,

    Have a horrendous tummy bug for 24hrs now, and am feeling increasingly drained!!! Don't want to take anything thats going to unsettle LO what with him being so young. Any tips???:cry: x x x x
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    Mar 15, 2008
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  3. eeyore007

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    Poor you. I had noro virus when LO was 3 months. Nightmare.
    As above, definately keep fluids up. When you start to feel better try proactive type yoghurts. I found these really helped my poor tummy and the proactive bit is supposed to also help the bubba too in that they get a bot of the goodness through the milk.
    You can also take paracetamol if your tummy gets painful. I found soluble easier as i felt icky, and also it encouraged me to drink more knowing it had my drugs in it!!

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