Any tips on how to get LO to sleep all night.

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by ktm_x, Jan 25, 2011.

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    From around 4 weeks until when we moved when she was 12 weeks, Ellie slept all night. Since we moved she used to wake once a night for a bottle and go back to sleep.

    Now she has taken to waking up 3-4 times, babbling, sitting up etc.

    I am back at work now and I am finding it very tiring the next day.

    Any tips on how to get her down all night?

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    I can't say I have the answer cos Lily doesn't sleep through but these are what I have tried -

    white noise - Lily has the sound of water playing on the ipod, not loud, just so if she wakes it is not silent
    heating - Lily gets really cold so I have the heating come on in her room for an hour in the night (god knows what the bill will be!!:wacko:)
    Not swaddling, but tucking in quite tight.
    Evening routine def helps, she knows after bath and bottle it is sleep time.

    Am sure you've tried it all, I think unfortunately a lot of babies are not good sleepers. I have tried thinking about what we have done during the day and there is not rhyme or reason why some nights are good or bad.

    good luck!


    PS there is a sticky thread on here for sleepless nights.

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