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Any water park/beach hacks?


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Sep 15, 2013
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How do you manage watching your child(ren) and/or swim with them at the beach or water park but also manage your belongings?

So far, I’ve just managed by not being in the water :rofl: I keep everything in a small backpack and just don’t go further than knee deep.

But my son is getting older and taller. He’s got ADHD, so he’s a thrill seeker that loves the water. I want to take him to Great Wolf Lodge, but it would just be the two of us. So I get stressed thinking about how I can leave my wallet in the hotel room (I’d book a room) but what about my phone and room key? Or like what if I just wanted to do a traditional water park? What would I do then with all our stuff and my phone?

so not really a single parent issue I think any parent really trying to navigate not losing or getting stuff damaged/stolen when headed to a water park or beach alone.
What about a waterproof phone pouch that you can wear to keep your phone and room key in and keep it on your person? (Or maybe just your hotel key - I trust the phone pouches in water but waterslides etc is a different story)
I live in a small town and honestly just don't even give my belongings a second thought when we go to the beach etc and suddenly have to dash after my toddlers etc. So while I take 5 kids alone to parks and beaches alone all the time it's not really something I've put much thought in.
Yeah I live in a heavily populated, heavy handed community. Your towels and what not are fine. Keys, phones, wallets not. I worry about my phone demagnetizing the room key. It’s happened to me with wallets before. But I could look into that. If anyone has any specific brand recs I love word of mouth.
I've heard people at the beach literally burying their stuff lol and putting like a water bottle on top so they know the spot. Sounds risky though!
Wrap your phone & key in a diaper the way everyone wraps a dirty diaper. Nobody steals dirty diapers. Haha!
Omg you guys I’m laughing so harsh. Funnily enough, that’s how I hide some stuff from my ex! I put them in a diaper in diaper holder because my ex refused to ever help or change diapers. :rofl: I’m so paranoid about someone watching me bury my stuff haha I have issues

I got a waterproof wearable case though. Has a 4.6 rating on Amazon with nearly 84k reviews. Should be here Monday so FXed! I’m thinking if we do GWL then I’d go wed and Thurs cuz admission to the water park is included with you room and I’m trying to capitalize and get my money’s worth lol

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