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Anyone actually had a good day?!! LOL


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Nov 5, 2006
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OMG i've never seen so many people having bad starts to the day

And people wonder why we hate mondays :roll:
Did u have a good day?
my day is improving. have just ordered stuff online for decorating kids rooms. (nothing like a bit of retail therapy)

But more importantly oh has emailed to say he has been invited to a job interview next monday, which if e gets it will be a £6k payrise and make a hugh difference to our lives. Trying not to get hopes up too much!
Sorry your all having bad days, hope they get better.

Well sorta atrated a bit rubish as we all got up late and am trying to find a cotbe/junior i like, as in all my wisdom asked OH mum just to buy cot not cotbed and he keeps rolling over and getting legs caught :roll:

Just can't find one i like or the ones i like are outta my budget, might have to up it a bit

Also can't decide wheter to stay with Jungle theme or change to Blues and traffic as i have just moved the kids bedrooms and lilac is not a good colour for a boys room :?

Anyway the good bit is that OH is finally getting his company car/ pickup thingy :D

Will post pics when i find the right one as i need help choosing colour lol
My day isn't great but its more Andy than me.

He is off work again with his sciatica, went to the docs and they have given him tramadol now- So up to now he has has ibroprofen, co codamol, solpadol, diazipan and now tramadol- the doctor is concern about how much it is reaccuring in such a short space of time so he is going for an MRI scan within the 2 weeks and the doc asked Andy that would he consider surgery if it is a nerve problem the doctor thinks it is.

He's a bit gutted as he is only 27 and may be having back surgery! :roll:

Poor sod, i personally am having an ok day! :lol:
Its ur rigarous love life thats doing it hun, poor Andy, ur wearing him out! :lol:
I've had a pretty good day. I met up with Terrie in Chester and we had a good time. She is really lovely. Although I did miss the train both on the way there and the way back! Crappy time keeper I am!!!
bad day here too :( work wise, been so busy unindated (sp) with complaints :roll: long story just feel like my head is goin to explode, day of tomorrow though :D
Ive had a great day! We exchanged on our house...move on friday :D
Lynnie I didnt realisae terrie lived nr us, we shud all get together!

Iv had a nice day, met Vicky and went to homebase, next and the meat factory (random lol) then we went into town for a mooch and ended up buying the kids clothes as usual!

KX said:
Its ur rigarous love life thats doing it hun, poor Andy, ur wearing him out! :lol:

Its more like its ceased up through lack of use!!!! :lol:
i had a good day, no particular reason as to why :D
Yeah right, she had a day of passion with her man! :D Spill the beans Yvanne! :p
been workin 12-7 lol jst sed hi n bye 2 darren lol he left as i was comin in
i did what laura said, then we both went mother care at half 7 to look at stollers i don't like mine and neither does laura.

I burnt myself and dropped half the tea on the floor. but other then that an ok day
did u buy a new stroller? :D
I had a really bad day today. Had a presentation for work at this manor house this morning which was ok I gues .. about Inland Revenue legislation and how our company is changing .. blah blah blah. But it overran by about an hour and then didnt have any lunch coz got back too late and was really busy and phone didnt stop ringing and was just hassle!! And we have all be told that we have to work longer hours over the next couple of weeks while all the changes come in :? :( :x

On the up side .. went to slimming world tonight and lost 2 pounds this week!!!!

So thats my rant for the day .. lol
i had a FAB day with Lyn... sorry to hear u missed your train on the way back too lol!!!!

the four of us should meet up next time!!!

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