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Anyone else losing the plot?


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Nov 8, 2006
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God knows how I will manage with 10 weeks to go still.

Last night I dont feel like a sleep very well dispite Noah going through the night. This afternoon after I put him down for his nap and cured up on the sofa to get some sleep myself. Failed miserably cause bub decided it would be a great time to kick the hell out of me. OHwas using a hammer and chisle upstairs and asking when I was going to do the food shopping cause the supermarket was going to close soon. Noah woke up so OH brought him down to me, and he was grizzly as hell and just screamed like mad. I tried to get him ready to take out, OH came down and said not to worry he would look after him instead of me having to drag him round ASDA. So for some random reason I just burst into tears, totaly lost it and coapsed sobbing. I just feel so drained at the moment, Im in permanent discomfort and I swear Im carrying the biggest baby known to man. Im carrying low but Ialready find it hard sitting cause bub is pushing right up into my ribs, and Im not short either cause im 5'8. And my bum, cocyccx and hips hurt all the time and I just feel shattered. Dont know how Iwill cope with this baby getting bigger.

Sorry to moan, just feel a bit poo!
Aww cat

Didnt want to read and run.

what you are feeling is normal (the emotional side) it is no wonder you are in pain and have to cope alone in the week when hubby is at work it is no suprise you cried like you did.

Have you seen the G.P yet? Hopefully then you can get progressing to see a physio. The coycx (sp?) coudl be a result of your last birth if i remmeber right? But the physio can soon sort you out with the other probs and then hopefully that one will also get better or relief.

You are doing a fab job at the moment and keep reminding yourself,10 weeks is not long and will fly by for you,then you will have your body back and be back to your normal self.

the pain in the bottom I get when I sit on a soft seat so have been squatting/sitting on a beanbag and feels so much better but then my SPD seems to have cleared up so could be why.

Anyway like they say tomorrow is another day and it will all look brighter then. Wish I coudl follow my own advice on that one,lol :roll:

Take care hun
:hugs: Know how you feel with previous two i never got to the stage where i thought i'll be glad to have this baby. But this time I'll be glad to have this lo. Past few daysfelt sick all day, and could cry for the littlest thing. Works pretty bad which isn't helping.

Bex funny thing with spd some days i think its a lot better so try without crutches and the regret it. But it does seem better at the mo. I wondered if it was cos baby is lower down and in pelvis so its helping to stabilise it!

Cat the last few weeks should fly by now. I keep telliing myself that soon i'll have lo in my arms and the it will all seem worthwhile.

Hope you feel better soon CAt and your feeling better now bex.
Hey Cat

I've been struggling too. We're moving house and DH is over at the new house quite a lot doing work, things are really stressful home here and Ella's been really really difficult (touch wood she's ok so far today). Last night I fell asleep on the sofa after she went bed at 7, woke up when DH got back from the house at 10.30 and then couldn't get sleep til 2am this morning, when I did drop off Ella woke up at 5am for a drink and I couldn't get back sleep as getting comfy is a nightmare and the baby always kicks like mad when I try to sleep.So I am totally drained. Things always seem worse when you're tired.
The time will fly by, I can't believe I only have 6 weeks left to try and get organised (will have closer to 4 by the time we move).

It's a lot harder being pregnant with a little one. I don't know about you but I could really do with just zoning out in a room by myself for a day or two!!
Hell yeah, its good timing actually cause MIL called on saturday and asked if they could have Noah for next weekend cause they havent seen him in a while. So Im dropping him off friday afternoon. Were going out for dinner and cinema friday night, lay in on saturday, and get my hair done, crack on with DIY and lots of sleep.Then pick him up Sunday afternoon and stay for sunday roast!
Sounds like you've got a fab weekend planned, hopefully it will recharge your batteries.

I'm having my hair done on Wednesday, first time in about a year!! Can't wait. What film do you think you'll go and see? I want to see Hannibal Rising, I think once we're settled in the house we'll go out for the evening, I need it!!
Yeah the last hair cut I got was when noah was about 6 weeks old, so over a year ago! Its so frizzy with split ends!

I think we will go and see Hot Fuzz, we both agressed we could do with a bit of a laugh. Plus Idont want to see a very long film cause my bum and hips will hurt sitting in a cinema chair that amount of time.

I cant belive how close you, bexxie and mummy2plusbumb are with your dates, have you got bets on, on who will go first?
I cant belive how close you, bexxie and mummy2plusbumb are with your dates, have you got bets on, on who will go first?

We haven't actually - should do though! I think the other two are suffering a lot more than me with SPD (mine doesn't seem to have gotten any worse and is manageable unless I do too much) so I'm not sure if they're being induced? Ella was born at 39+4 so it will be interesting to see when this LO wants to make his appearance, I don't think he'll be late but who knows!
Don't know yet if they'll induce early. Going to see consultant next monday. Ds was born at 36 weeks exact and dd at 38weeks exact. Knowing my luck this one wil be to date or over. DH said on Friday at the rate i'm going i won't make it to consultant appt. Getting lots of pain across back and low in bump.Come and go sometimes get a couple sometimes last an hour. Ideally i think 37 weeks would be earliest i'd want lo to arrive, only time will tell. Ps Ithink bexxie will go first.


My SPD is all gone so there is hope gels.

I reckon this one will go over and Kina will remember when I say i nitially I thought I was due the 3rd April and got moved well I am measuiring at this date (32 weeks wehen 34) so this woudl be right. I reckon my babe will appear April 1st no joke! Always thought this. Hubbys BD is April 2nd so fingers crossed and I wont be induced either so we will see.

I reckons Mummy2threeplusbump (whats your proper name BTW?) then Kina then me

Real name is Caroline. My spd seems to be better than it was over the past 2 days. Won't get over excited just yet. Quite surprising really as went to let dog in on Friday teatime and as i went to shut the french windows the door swung open and nearly too me with it. I was in agony, DH had to hold me up. :oops: I'm due April 3rd by scan but mw keepig to original date of 6th so we will see.
Okay i spoke too soon spd is back with avengence just trying to fool me. Oh well i can live in hope that it might go b4 lo arrives. :oops:

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