Anyone here?

My daughter will be 1 a week today :lol:

I have so much to do, so little time. :D
im here and watching CSI 8)
im here!!! cold n hungover but here!!!
u drinking the vodka again? :wink:
lol yeah a whole bottle of it last nyt :shock:
Hi Karrina!
How you feeling??? Hope all is going ok for you xx
Hi Hels,

Im ok thanks hun, hows the ttc coming along? What date is Charlie's birthday? Is she a Feb baby too? :D
Fcuk knows Tiff :D Roughly 5 - 6 weeks-way too early to be happy, feel scared still :oops: Once I am out these 12 weeks I will be elated :wink:
Not long til Rebecca's? :D TTC is good...its the W/E and DH is home :wink:
I'm here, just had a bath. Munching on an apple and about to play Isketch again.

Wonder how pissed Matt will be when he gets home. Bet he'll stink of 2nd hand smoke, blurgh.
yay excellent hun, hopefully u wont be far behind me xxx

Charlie is only 4 days younger than monster munch! :wink:
Urghhh, how vile, other peoples smoke and stale beer!!!
Kina, this Isketch seems very scary!!
Thing is he gets pissed after 3 pints and he's been gone since 7.30, so I reckon he'll be pretty drunk. Guarantee the words 'I'm not drunk' will be uttered and that he had a 'fucking good night' and 'I love them boys'.

Isketch is good fun :D

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