Anyone starting IVF cycle in April/May?

Agh! Walking at 9 months? My guys are enormous (they're wearing size 4 or even 5) so walking wasn't super easy for them. Harriet started around 13 months and I finally "dragged" Wilfred to start walking around 15 or 16 months. They're also super slow to talk and we'll be seeing a speech pathologist in the fall because they're so far behind the average. I'm not worried, but it is frustrating that they have so much trouble telling me what they want.

Have you heard from anyone else from this group? Can't help wondering how everyone is doing.
I know it was crazy seeing her so small, she went straight for it as well like she had been doing it for months, to be honest I hope that doesn't happen again, it was just too early and she has no fear!
I'm sure your little ones will soon catch up and you won't notice any different, they all develop at different stages
I haven't heard from anyone apart from this thread, hope everyone is ok
Hi yearningheart I'm here on and off!

I've now got 4, 3 girls and 1 boy
18 months girl, 3 Yr old girl. 6 Yr old boy and then my eldest who was 8 in December!

I had fets for the first 3 and youngest was a natural surprise aged 39! 20 years of never getting pregnant naturally it happens when I'm 39 and the month I was due to start another transfer, was all ready with the mess and had spent £700 lol

I've recently been back here as had another natural surprise, sadly it had ended in miscarriage at 6 weeks which finished 2 weeks ago, we now will carry on ntnp and maybe later in the year use 1 of our 3 frozen embryos although I said I wouldn't use anymore so I'm not sure

How are you?? Hope you are well, thank you for getting back in touch, I miss how busy bnb used to be

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