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DD, DS, and a Surprise!!!
Dec 17, 2007
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Have irish twins? Two babies born within a year of each other? How far gone were you when you found out? How did you feel about it? and what was OH's reaction?
My best friend does. Her son was born April 27th 2001 and her daughter May 1st 2002. She knew immedialty with both her babies that she was pregnant. She was excited but scared about her son, as she and the father had split, and he was living overseas. Then when they got back together, and she got pregnant again so fast, she was really upset. The father ended up taking off again when their daughter was just 3 months on, and has pretty much been MIA since.
my aunt does x x she knew both times
Thanks. I may have to POAS soon as I thought AF was comming (had cramps)the other day so I cancelled my doctors appointment but now nothing and I'm starting to get the whole sore boobs, extremely tired, morning sickness and all that stuff that is still so familiar...
I hope everything turns out the way that you hope. At least if you have another they will be very close in age and will have each other:hugs:
Yeah, not quite sure how I feel. OH has no issues with it at all he's excited. I'm just not too sure how my body will react.... He just left to go pack our house as we are now moving and I'm too nervous to POAS while he is away.... but I want to know??? What's a girl to do...
:hugs: I hope it turns out however you want it to. I've noticed that my AF is really irregular still after having Erica, and I am noticing pregnancy symptoms all the time. Then I POAS but its never a BFP. Maybe we still just have some preggo hormones left in us or something? Good luck when you decide to test! :hugs:

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