Anyone's LO on neocate? How long to adjust?

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by prgirl_cesca, Jun 6, 2011.

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    We're currently on a 2 week trial of Neocate for a suspected milk allergy. My son has been quite unsettled since about 2 weeks old, we first thought colic, then reflux, then bronchilitis and now after another hospital appointment because of his breathing problems the consultant thinks milk allergy. I had one as a baby so it's not a surprise really.

    Anyway we've been on it for about 5 days now and his skin has immediately got better, he had an awful red patchy rash on his face and neck which the HV kept saying was millia but it would flare up after feeding but it has gone now, he's also lost his crusty eyebrows and ears from excema, but he is still quite unsettled. He's sick a bit less, but his breathing hasn't got any better, he's still quite grumpy and to top it all of he is now a bit constipated. He is pooing about once/twice a day, but it takes a lot of grumbling and crying to get there and I was up half the night last night massaging his belly just to help. Then when he poos it isn't pebble like, but it's like a grown up person's poo, like pretty hard?

    How long did it take your LO to adjust? Will his constipation go? Did you notice a change in their overall personality? I'm not sure what to do at the 2 week review, whether I think it has worked or not! But i'm reluctant to say it's not working if in actual fact he does have an allergy.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm maybe not the best person to comment as we were only on neocate for a week.

    Leo was instantly more settled, but his puking got 10 times worse so we took him off it.
    I don't remember him being constipated, but have heard that neocate can cause that sometimes.

    I was told that if it was an allergy that he would settle on neocate, but thats like saying every baby will be fine on the same formula, which is not the case.

    We're now on aptamil pepti and hes def a lot happier, still pukes constantly tho, but at least hes happy :)

    I'm sure they'll let you trial another formula if things don't work out with the neocate.

    I would give it another couple of days, by then you should know wether or not its helping your little man x
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    It took over a month for Nim to really settle on it and for all her symptoms to clear. She still puked like a fountain but that's just the reflux. LO did get constipated and have green poo but that's normal on Neocate.
    In some cases babies struggle with the synthetic aha/dha on it, so either standard Neocate (non LCP) or EleCare might be better

    IMHO a 2week trial really isntlong enough and dr's shouldn't restrict it to that. 4 weeks really is the minimum to see how they settle (unless he reaction is extreme like blood in poo etc)

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