Baby #2 after 8+ years

Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by daneuse27, May 9, 2020.

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    I'm 33, my fiancé is 37 (turning 38 in a couple weeks.) We live together, with my 7 year old daughter from a previous relationship.

    Our plan is to get married this coming September, go on our honeymoon in December, and then start trying for baby # 2 after that.

    I just feel worried, for the following reasons:
    - I don't know if corona will affect our plans, maybe some things will have to get pushed back (including pregnancy)
    -Am I getting too old to get pregnant quickly, have a good pregnancy and deliver a healthy baby? I know that lots of older moms do it, but I was 25 last time, this time I'll be almost 35 by the time it happens and I don't know how much of a difference that makes.
    -I have insomnia and I currently take about 90 mg of trazadone to help me fall asleep. (Its an anti-depressant.) I worry about not being able to take it anymore.

    Other than that, we are in great health.
    I'm just so scared for all these reasons.
    Thoughts? Encouragement?

    Thank you :)
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    Hello! Your situations is similar to mine. I have a daughter who is 9 from a previous relationship, wedding booked for December 2020 and WTT until Jan 2021.

    I was 19 when she was born and I am 29 now, so I have the same age concerns as you.

    Fingers crossed it goes smoothly for us both!

    How is you wedding planning coming along, have you had to make any changes because of Coronavirus?

    FTHGrayskull ☮

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