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Discussion in 'Baby Names' started by MItoDC, Nov 27, 2019.

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    Hi! Looking for input on our baby boy name choice. I love it, my husband is happy with it (but doesn't love it as much as I do), and we want to wait to tell our family the name until he's born... but I'm desperate to get some opinions on it and make sure I'm not going to regret it!

    So our name choice is Olin Jacob (last name starts with a B). Pretty sure I'll end up calling him "Ollie" where my husband says he'll call him "Jake."

    Background: Pronounced "OH-lynn" - Olin is a name that crops up in our family tree a few times. My husband's nickname from his family has always been Jake, so we thought it'd be cute to use Jacob since it's like we're naming him after my husband, but not actually using his real name. We both love the name Jacob, but in the U.S. it's really popular (#13 in 2018), and I want him to be a little more unique. My name requirements have always been: easy to pronounce, not in the top #100 names, and professional sounding for when they're adults. My daughter is named Alice and we're still completely in love with that name for her - and just want to find the same level of love for our baby boy!

    Our other option is to name him Jacob Roland and plan to call him "Rollie" (pronounced RAWL-ee) which would be a nod to my dad whose first name starts with a J and middle name starts with an R and he's always gone by his middle name.

    Open to all opinions and thoughts!
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    It's unusual but if you love it, I think you should stick with it. I'm a fan of unusual names myself! I'd go with Olin Jacob over Jacob Roland.

    Do be careful though on you wanting to call the baby by one nickname (based on the first name) and your husband wanting to call him by the other (based on the middle). It can be a headache. My first husband and I named our son Serge Constantine, "Serge" being my husband's choice and "Constantine" being mine. I said I would only agree to "Serge" if we could call the baby by his middle name, and he said giddily, "I don't care, I'm just happy I'll have a son named 'Serge'!"

    Baby was born and my husband would not stop calling him "Serge." Never once called him "Constantine" or "Costa." We divorced for unrelated reasons and he began complaining that I only call our son "Constantine" because I'm "trying to erase [his father]." This made me near livid. I said, "No we agreed to call him 'Constantine' when I was pregnant! You just never made an agreement with me that you didn't renege on!" He continues to buy him custom-made "Serge" stuff and is the only one who calls him that. I find his stubborn insistence on "Serge" really annoying, but our son only sees his father once a month (if that) and has gotten used to it.

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