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Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Katherinep, Jun 3, 2020.

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    Hi! I have been feeding my baby girl HIPP formula since she was 2 months old and from past 3 days she has just stopped. She doesn't want it anymore. Putting feeder in her mouth in the first place is a huge task and when i finally do it she just pulls it out of her mouth. I am worried that she might start losing weight. Im giving her an apple and a banana daily and some Cerelac. She is eating fine but not drinking formula at all. What do i do? Should i try feeding her a different brand? Lebenswert? or Holle?
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    I'd call her pediatrician. Her main source of nutrition should be formula and not solids before 12 months. I personally never had this issue with my 1st so I don't have advice on if you should change formula. There may be an underlying issue causing her refusal so I think it's worth calling her pediatrician.
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    I really like the milk we order here . This product has a useful organic composition, and our baby likes it. Other baby foods have been causing my baby stomach hurts, but this milk does not cause any problems.
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