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Mar 29, 2007
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I've been looking at immunisations and I think I've made a decision regarding them, but I was interested in what other people have done/are going to do.

I have decided that I am going to delay many of the immunisations until I have stopped breastfeeding. The reason for this is that when breastfeeding the baby gets the mum's immunity through the milk. I'm also going to delay ones such as the MMR as I will be home educating my child so it will not be going to nursery or school, which means that it's risks of catching something would be greatly reduced. I also believe that many childhood illnesses are better caught as a child than as and adult once the immumity has worn off.

Those are my beliefs, I'd love to know what other people believe.
I have voted the third option. Seren has had all htre immunisations apart from MMR which she won't be having. Instead she will be having the single measles jab. I am undecided about the other 2 - whether to delay them or to not have them.

I think with the next baby I will probably do the same - though I will see how baby is doing and if I have any concerns then I will delay them too.
i dont read about them or look into them - its just extra stress!
me reading a few pages on the internet is never going to match up to all the research the proffesionals do.
i trust them so do what they recommend.
my children have every thing i just get the letter through the post then take them dont even no what they are having half the time.
I have taken both mine to have all their immunisations, i would rather see them suffer for 2 minutes having the jab than seeing them suffer for a week or so with the illness.

I am glad both mine have had their MMR as there is mumps going round in this area at the mo, and a few of the adults i have seen with it have been really poorly.

There is not enough evidence in my eyes at the mo to prove there is more going against the jab than for it.
Both mine have or will have everything. I have doneall the reading and come to my own conclusions. As it is I bring home everything going from school(I am a teacher) and the children usually catch everything anyway. I wnat tyo protect them as best as I can from disease.
kacy has and will have all of hers she did have one sepearte but the docs were fine with doing it that way for me
Ella had everything and I feel guilty that I didn't look into it more thoroughly.

I was pressurised into letting Alex have the vit k jab instead of drops whilst I was in a vunerable position and I've vowed now that he will not be having any injections before we've looked into them properly. Hence his first appointment which has come through is going to be cancelled.
I will give Kayleigh all the initial ones although i will not have the the new jab done with the older ones will have gap between.

Like my other 2 she will not be having the mmr vaccine, but will have them done separate.
I'll ask for the mercury free vaccines. If they can't offer them, then I will find them! If thimerisol vaccines are the only ones I have access to, then I will delay vaccinating them until I can get them.
I think all our vaccines are now thiomersal free now. Not sure but think they are in New Zealand. I worked with someone 3 years+ ago and they made sure lo had all jabs b4 came to uk as at the time some of our jabs contained thiomersal and they didn't in NZ.
Amelia will have them all including the MMR I am deaf due to measles there is no way I am risking that and I dont belive she will get Autism coz of it
There is such a stronh history of allergy problems i daren't risk the mmr.
There is such a stronh history of allergy problems i daren't risk the mmr.

What are you worried about re MMR?

I just had a 2nd appointment through for Alex's first jab, but he's not having them yet.
When Gabriel was little, there was a lot in the press regarding mmr, as it was when Blair refused to say if his lo had had mmr. It was stated at the time children with history of allergy, especially boys are more at risk from developing problems, such as autism, and digestive problems.

I get occasional eczema, DH has chronic hayfever and Gabriel had severe eczema as a baby, so i decided to play it safe and have the separate jabs.
I have no regrets doing it this way, especially in view of all his food intolerances/allergies now.

Due to Gabriels allergy problems i decided to have Alisha done separate too, she is know ?asthma so again no regrets.

Kayleigh will have separate vaccines too. Its not particularly cheap at £100 per vaccine although i get discount 'cos have 2nd and 3rd child on register with them.

I would feel so bad if they had had problems after mmr, its bad enough the allery/asthma.

I've always wondered if the incidence of autism here is higher 'cos we used to use thiomersal in our polio etc jabs, and other countries didn't. Now our jabs are thiomersal free i wonder if incidence of autism drops.

Personally i'm not prepared to take the risk. Government says safe but i don't trust them one bit.

We go to a clinic in Plymouth with Dh2. I think there are private companies who do clinics in Exeter now, but as i'm happy with Dh2 and not much difference in distance between 2 from here, we go to plymouth.
Thanks Caroline, I was interested because my stepmum is sure that the mmr caused my brothers severe epilepsy. He was the only one of her children to have it after careful consideration and shortly afterwards was when she first noticed his eyes rolling.
I'm really not convinced on the mmr, the new pnuemo one seems ok mind. Kayleigh was a bit crabby for 24 hours but by following morning was normal happy self.

If you want details of Plymouth clinic let me know.
Ella has already had the first MMR, DH was really worried about her not having it. I hate the way that we're bullied into having things done that we're not sure about by health professionals. That's why since Alex was born I've realised that these people are only human, that what they advise is not the be all and end all and sometimes they get it wrong and push their opinions onto you. I've probably gone too far the other way but that's it now, it's my duty to find out what's best for my children.
its all the reports on the mmr that freak me out. The only independant one ws my Andrew Wakefield and then they shot him down, discredited him and tried to get him struck off. Every otherstudy is drug company backed. GP's surgery's get paid bonuses if they meet targets of children vaccinated with mmr (don't know if it applies to others too), so they are bound to be in favour. Our practice nurse thinks i've done right having sep vaccines, when it comes to final jab when they are supposed to have3 lots our surgery lets you delay having one so as not to overload them, if you prefer, infact my health visitor mentioned doing it when she first came out anf Kayleigh was only a couple of weeks old.

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