Baby Shop With Bad Name


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Aug 31, 2006
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Theres a baby shop that has a really bad name/rep that I've seen a couple of you girls mention over time.

Anyone know what I'm on about? I want to stay clear.

I think i know the one you mean but cant remember the name lol
Think it is ya know but if it is they have changed their website design.
No probs,
Maybe they changed it to get away from the bad rep, seen it happen here with shops nearby (ie a computer shop round the corner run by cowboys changed their name several times)
Idiots huh Really bad rep too they have. What a nightmare it must be for some people :(
Yep is Two Left Feet, i would run a mile from them
the reveiws are horrendous, even from people who have bought from the actual shop and not online
Yep, twoleftfeet, I nearly got my double from them, then was told about them being on watchdog on numerous occasions.
:cry: I was about to order my twin twister from them.

what are they bad for? Shit, I was saving over £100 on it! :hissy:
Nice read :shock: -

Is it worth the gamble?:wacko:

Long delivery wouldnt bother me as I still have 15weeks left??

Help :blush:
I dunno I heard all about them is poor lol
KX They tend to take your money before th item is even in stock, and in some cases the wait is 6 months, or never comes into stock at all and they tend to be very slow in refunding if they refund you at all. Personally I wouldnt risk them. If they were offering you the best price, I dont know if a company called babyzoop also offer the buggy you want as they normally match twoleftfeets prices.
I wish I had read this earlier, this is the second time with the second company I have had trouble with for the same product :hissy: :cry:
Now I want my money back, I hope I get it...
Ooooh I think my friend just ordered her silver cross pram from two left feet..

Oooooh poo jam... :(
eek!! you used 2leftfeet?

yeah. I was after a maxi cosi footmuff with aeroplanes on it :dohh:
I really wish I had done some research on them first. I have only been waiting a couple of weeks but have gotten jittery after trying to call them, then sending an e-mail (no reply) then reading reviews. I can see this is going to be fun!!!
Have just sent my 3rd e-mail demanding my money back after I called them to be told that the goods I have paid for are not in stock with no date as to when it will be.........let the war begin GRRRRRR!!!!

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