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There's a teacher at the school that I work at that just had a baby. Another two teachers are pregnant. I'm very happy for them all, but I'm frustrated that I'm not pregnant right now.

I was SO excited when my DH and I got pregnant right away, but then m/c at 7 weeks. I know it will all work out for us, but it's just so upsetting to be reminded daily about what I'm missing. It just seems like everywhere I turn people are talking about babies or are pregnant.

I know you've all read this post from others over and over again, but I had to get it off my chest. The few people that know about our m/c, our parents and a couple friends, say that I should just be happy and think positively. That's easier said than done, of course. Who knows what those other people went through to get pregnant. One of the teachers went through 3 rounds of IVF before getting pregnant, so I am super happy for her but I still don't want to hear her talk about her morning sickness.

Oh well....Thanks for listening....
It's ok to feel that way, especially when your mc just happened last month. It takes time, sometimes a lot of time, to not feel jealous or resentful towards other pregnant women. Why can they have something you can't? But you're right, maybe those women also had a very tough time getting where they are now? I feel a little easier accepting their pregnancies when I think of that because, they deserve it. Just like when I finally get to have my baby, I'll deserve it too.
That's a good way to look at it. "When I finally get to have my baby, I'll deserve it too". Very, very true. I know that I'll have a baby someday. I just wish it's sooner rather than later.

I'm trying not to set myself up for too much disappointment this month, but since we got pregnant the first month of trying before having the m/c, I'm hoping we do the same again. I guess only time will tell, but I will definitely be crushed if it doesn't happen right away.
Hey hun. We seem to have similar stories. Got pregnant fast and lost the baby in August. My husband has a friend that his wife and him tried for years to get pregnant. It took my DH and I only two months. But the wife of the friend is only a week behind what I was supposed to be in her pregnancy. She has already gotten scans and seen the baby and everything. No matter how much I remind myself that it took them so much time and heartache before getting pregnant, I still feel a sense of 'I hate them right now' kind of emotions. I don't think it is unusual to feel this way. Oddly enough friends with kids and babies don't bother me. It's the women I see that are pregnant that make me start to crumble inside. If you need someone to chat with just PM me. I truly hope you can get pregnant again as fast as before because all of us deserve our happiness. :hugs:
I guess only time will tell, but I will definitely be crushed if it doesn't happen right away.

Wishing you the very best and blowing you some fast acting baby dust.

Don't worry, it doesn't seem like you guys have problem concieving. We're sort of all in the same boat. I got pregnant the first try the first time, then m/c'ed. Second time, I didn't get pregnant right away, but, the second month. You shouldn't have any problems with conceiving.
I completely understand how you feel. I have 2 children but miscarried a much wanted baby in July. I am currently trying again but my body is so out of wack still that I cant pinpoint good days for conception at the moment. I still feel upset when I see pregnant women or women with new babies. I feel like I want to run up to them screaming " that was supposed to be me!". It seemed that after my miscarriage everyone in the world was pregnant except for me. I imagine I will have those feelings until I am pregnant again.
Your time will come again and hearing about others being pregnant or having a baby will make you smile instead of making your heart ache.
Hoping you get pregnant again quickly.
Thanks for all your words of encouragement. I've found this site to be such a wonderful place to get support and discuss things that I'm thinking/worried about.

It's nice to hear that I'm not the only one out there that feels this way. I'm looking forward to getting pregnant again quickly (we're BD every night for the next week just so we have no chance of missing it), but I'm also extremely anxious about whether I'll m/c again. You see and hear all the time about people who don't have successful pregnancies, not just early on but the whole way through. I know more end up successful than those that don't, but it's still a worry. I hope I don't worry so much when it finally comes that I don't enjoy being pregnant. I guess it really is just a means to an end, right?
Hi Jessa

I feel the same way too. Even friends who know I had a mc talk about their kids+++ and it drives me a little bonkers!! But on the other hand, I don't want them to feel they can't be 'natural' in front of me!! So I suppose I am a little demanding...

I've just started walking away when the talk turns to kids/babies/pregnancy.

Those who know about the mc understand...and those who don't just assume I am not interested (as I don't have children).

Good luck x

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