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Jul 30, 2008
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Hi girls,

I've noticed that quite a few people have been given a rough idea of their baby's weight. Who has given you this info and how do they calculate it? I've a midwife appt next Tuesday and a scan at 34 weeks. Was wondering if I could ask at either of these appointments.

Thanks. xx:hug:
I dont have the slightest clue if this is true or not, but i was told that if you get your birthweight, and your oh (babys fathers) birth weight, add them together then half it, it gives you an estimate of how big your baby will be.

it depends i was only given them as i was small for dates.:hugs:
the scan at 34 weeks should tell you the current weight in kg. They measure the length and breadth and wot not and somehow work it out. You can ask the sonographer and it will be in your notes too. I didn't get a predicted birth weigh tho.
I have a personalised growth chart given to me by the hosp (everyone gets one) its based on your weight and height at the booking visit and any previous children's birth weight, you then follow a curve in the graph based on the fundal height. I hope it aint accurate tho cos if mine carries on the same curve he's gonna be 9lb 14oz!!! Yikes....

Your health authority may not do the growth charts but they will prob measure weight of babs at your 34 week scan.
at my 34 week scan, baby was weighing 4lbs 12 oz and they told me that was small and wanted to keep an eye on baby, went back for my 36 week app and had another scan on tuesday there and they said she's weighing 6lbs so she's fairly grown! but they freeze the scan and take measurements i think
My mw doesn't ever give me a weight estimation, but to be honest I don't think people should look much into them cos I think they can be way out. x
I had a weight estimation at my growth scan i think they predicted high 7's or early 8's (llbs) my LO was born at 9lb 10.5oz!

So yeah i wouldn't pay too much attention to them!
I was wondering this too, am going to ask mw at 34 appt! x x
I had a scan on Monday 34+6weeks and they said babba weighed 5lb 2oz, its great to say babba is a nice weight but they are only estimates!
They dont do growth monitoring here unless you are overweight and have GD... My bump is measuring small, and I have GD, its a paradox haha! But no one is worried.

I am sure my baby will be around 6lbs or so as both my OH and I were in that range and neighter of us have big family members.
They usually only give you a growth scan if they are worried that the baby will be very small, or big. The most common indicator of this is fundal height measurement, although this is not exact.
I have always measured big for my dates, and so have has 3 growth scans now, the most recent of which was on Tuesday, where they estimated bubs to weigh over 10lb already. However, as many of the other girls on here will tell you, these scans can only ever estimate weight, and are often far from exact.
I'm keeping everything crossed that mine is waaaaay out! lol

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