Back Pain and Sick Pay????


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Nov 8, 2006
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Right well Im not really sure where to post but Ihave a problem.
With my last pregnancy Iwas consultant led care due to the fact Ihave had spinal surgery which my have caused me probs during pregnacy, in the end Iwas fine, and my back held up, but this time Iam really strugling. Idont know if its worse cause my stomach muscles are weaker this time round, but I find that Iet awfull pain if I do anythin physical and my back goes all weak like it cant support me, so I find it hard to lift Noah and even thins like getting in and out of bed, basically anything that involves bending.
Now the problem is that if Iget signed off work, I dont know if I can claim any sort of benefit. I only work about 10 hours a week at a local pub ut that is £250 a month that I need to get by on. But Idont have contracted hours and I dont get sick or holiday pay on my job. I have already worked enough weeks of the pregnancy to qualify for MA when I do take leave (13 weeks of the first 26 weeks of PG) but does anyone know if Im likely to be entitled to anything if Iget signed of sick, cause I really cant go several months without pay. :(
if you have paid enough ni you can get incapacity,if you cant get incapacity,then you may get income support all of these depend on what your partner earn,why dont you give jobseekers direct a call they will tell you what you are entitled to and if you are entitled to anything will do the forms over the phone with you and then send them to you to check
Hi Cat

Have you spoken to your GP about getting work to suspend you on full pay? Work are required to risk assess you and provide you with alternative work if you can't do it because of your pregnancy. If they can't give you any alternative work then they must suspend you on full pay.

Since it's your pregnancy that's causing your back to be so bad I presume this would be an option.


I'm not too sure on benefit side but am sure if hubby working then you dont get anything or if he earns above the average threshold,it's crap.

Regardsless to your hours what Helen said i would go with as I am a part-timer (20 hours)at a factory. And because they cannot find me a sit down job they are paying me to 36 weeks,do make sure you go to the 36 weeks as legally you can do this (double check with Helen),dont be forced into going mat leave bfore this time.

Good luck Cat, hope your back feels better,nothing worse than back pain.


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