Bad Omens in pregnancy (do you believe in that)?


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Jan 12, 2007
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Ok, so Im wittling again I know, but do you believe in bad omens during pregnancy?
I worry as it is that something terrible is going to happen, this has been apparent since the day I got pregnant, but today whilst flicking through my magazine, every other article seemed to be about people who are loosing their babies. :cry:
Call me daft, but I kinda saw it as a bad omen. Litterally, it was right infront of my face on more than one occasion.
In one article, a woman spoke of how she dreamt of pushing an empty pram- she then lost her baby at birth..:blush::blush: It almost made me cry, I felt so so sorry for her. She was only 20, too!
i dont believe in bad omans and just coz u read about it doesnt mean its going to happen to you.
No i dont believe in bad omens either .. its just that you are sensitive to these things now. They would have been there anyway .. just you probably wouldnt have taken any notice of them. I found that before i got married i saw loads of articles about peoples weddings that went drastically wrong .. and nothing went wrong on my wedding day!

Dont worry hun :hugs:
the only one i belive in is not to have the pram in the house before the baby arrives, i belive its bad luck, really dont know where i have got that from, but its something i have always had in my head, just an old wifes tale i guess, but i go by it

Same as when you TTC suddenly everyone has babies or is pg. Just something you pick up on more often.
Same as when you TTC suddenly everyone has babies or is pg. Just something you pick up on more often.
Yeah you're right there. It's natural to worry about the birth, but the chances of anything bad happening are so small, you really have to put it to the back of your mind.
I definitely don't believe in any bad omens for pregnancy. Think of it this way: the magazines aren't going to sell if they write on the cover "Woman Successfully Delivers Baby!!" They're going to sell by having the article "Woman's Tragic Baby Loss".

Negativity in the media means nothing, don't worry about it hun! :)
I know that mothers are very in tune with their children even before birth. Just a few days before I had Kassidy (at 32 weeks) I had a very vivid dream...I was in the hospital with my sister and I was pouring blood, the baby came out and her umbillical cord was all messed up and strange looking. At that time, I had no idea anything was wrong. I got toxemia and delivered by emergency c-section. While I was in recovery the doctor came out and explained she had "vilamentus insertion...deformaty of the umbillical cord and that it was barely attached and that if I'd gone into would have become detached during contractions and she would have drowned in the blood and I would have hemorraged! My mom still had my drawing in her purse and showed it to him. He said he wasn't suprised because he'd seen many women have premonitions that were right on the money..
Cheyanne .... Thats not very reassuring for louise hun

Sorry hun..thought I was supposed to answer honestly...I don't really think of my dream as an "omen"..just intuition or insight. I didn't mean to rob her of feeling secure..I'm a firm believer in paying attention to gut feelings and the such.
i think louise was lookin for a bit of reassurance Cheyanne lol!
Gotta say, that Im totally freaked out now!!!! In saying that though, I did ask.....
Cheyanne you was only being truthful- though I will now be writing down every dream I have until I finally drop lol, Cause thats how I am..... lol. Nevermind!

Things like that VERY RARLEY happen infact its like once in a blue moon hun!

Enjoy your pregnancy and carry on, your goona have a great labour and you are going to be fine sweetie!

awww louise please dont worry!

if something is going to go wrong AND IM IN NO WAY SAYING IT IS! then there will be nothing you can do about it hun.

youve had a great pg mostly so far.. what more could you ask for? all this worrying cannot be good for little Nicky... you need to stay calm and relaxed for his sake.
Don't dreams tend to mean opposite 'supposingly'! Louise I really wouldn't worry hunny blimey girl if you take note of everything in this world you should have been dead 10 times over by today & other shit .... as us all!

Your going to have a baby boy who grows into a teenage rebel ;) :lol: and nothing that happens will come from dreams and such ... x x
if i have upset you with my pram suspersistion (sp?) then im sorry, its only an old wifes tale, i belive in the magpie rhymes too, im alwyas saluting one if i see it, im silly.

Aww hun, I had a dream just before Kayleigh was born that the guy I had been seeing before Kayleigh's dad turned up. He said that she was his baby and if he couldn't have her, then no-one could. He punched me in the stomach and because of that, she was still-born.:cry:

It was a horrendous dream, particularly because I had had lots of problems and they were worried about her (the placenta wasn't complete), and it still gets to me now, but Kayleigh was fine when she was born, and still is fine (most days!:wacko::rofl:)

It is natural to fret and worry, we all do that and it shows what a good parent you are going to be.

And Cheyenne - I know you were only being honest, but my mum always said that if I couldn't say anything nice, I shouldn't say anything at all.
I don't believe in all that superstition stuff, I had my pram, cot and everything all made up in the house well before Little legs was due.
My sisters didn't get their prams until the babies were born because of superstition, like Layla.
Layla I'm sure you haven't upset anyone you were just answering the question, not saying anything mean or scary :hugs:

I did have a feeling that my baby was a boy but that was it, no dreams, nothing. Think it was wishfull thinking really as I always wanted an older brother and so would like my family to begin with the older brother...daft I know.

You've had a 4d scan as well as your routine scans haven't you, don't forget that in all scans they check the baby thoroughly including the placenta and cord. If nothing has shown up by now then it won't show at all :hugs:

Layla I'm sure you haven't upset anyone you were just answering the question, not saying anything mean or scary

Sorry, I meant to say that too Layla.

My MIL bought us the travel system and kept it in her garage, she refused to give it to us. I'm not superstitious, but if it makes a person feel happier and more secure by not having baby things in the house, then that's absolutely fine. I could have insisted that she gave us the pram, as I wanted it, but I didn't. It gave her piece of mind to think she was protecting us.:hugs:
First of all, Layla, you havent upset me at all lol. Im like you, I dont believe in putting furniture in the house until baby is born!
I should have picked up my new moses basket yesterday but I couldnt do it, I dont want it in my room or my house until baby is here, and same with the pram!
Clothes I can just about allow, and nappies, bottles etc: but anything else is staying out of the way.
MrsE, I wish I could be more like you and have my things in my house, ready and waiting for baby, but it's not that simple for us supersticious women... Im with Layla on the magpie thing too, I cringe whenever I just see one, infact, it scares me! I dont solute them though, I stick two fingers up or try to find the nearest stone to throw at it lol.

Amanda, I had a simular dream to yours; I dreamt that my baby was taken away from me and I wasnt allowed anywhere near him. I never ended up taking him home!!

It's like one of those dreams where you're running but you're not going anywhere fast- I was trying to get my baby from the hospital but no matter what I did, in my dream I couldnt get within inches near to him. :(

Everything is gettin so close now, and at this stage of pregnancy I thought I may have calmed down, but instead it got worse. Instead of stressing about miscarriage, or birth defects, Im worrying about stillbirth now. I just want Nicky out of there where I can see that he's safe and well... they say the womb is the safest place, but I beg to differ on that one.

I bet all you lovely ladies are really enjoying your pregnancies aint ya? I can tell you are wobs :) you're so excited. I just wish that I could have been excited, but since I found out, all I have been is scared to death!
I keep telling myself as the days go by, just one more week- just get me to my next midwife visit and i'm ok. Im like this EVERY SINGLE DAY! No wonder the hospitals are concerned.

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