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Behavioural problems


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Aug 31, 2006
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Just taken the bunny to the vets for a jab and I pointed out that he hadn't been that good at keeping his back end clean just recently. Apparently it's all psychological and it's a behavioural problem. :shock: :rofl:

Did he explain anything about it or jsut dissmiss it by jsut saying a behavioural prob? Im no expert on rabbits but that sounds odd to me :?
Well he said it was probably a protest about something, because it's unusual for rabbits not to be really clean. We went through some ideas like new cage, new pets, someone moved in, someone moved out, etc. but I've no idea what it could be. It's only started in the last few weeks/months. I did have this weird thought that maybe he could tell I was PG, like cats can, but I dismissed it as a bit far fetched no matter how bright I may think he is.

On the bright side, I've decided that I don't mind taking him to the vets anymore as there is a new vet and he is very yummy. :lol: Wish I hadn't gone in my working from home attire now. :dohh:
Youd be surprised what even the smallest of animals can feel! Piglet usually only makes alot of noise when theres rustling or food on its way but he has sometimes just started being noisy for no apparent reason!
Spooky. Maybe he can hear something outside. Arfur has a habit of thumping in the middle of the night.... sometimes for a very long time... but we think it's cos he can hear something outside and is trying to scare it off and warn other bunnies.
Awwww bless little bunny! perhaps it needs to see a psychologist for its behaviour problem !!hehe

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