Bexxie is possibly in labour.....


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Sep 1, 2006
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Tonight at 7.30pm she phoned the hospital and off she went.....

She had been having pains since 5.10pm, but as she has a high pain threshold, she really was not sure if this was it or not, so she popped herself in the bath but it did not ease it. The pains continued but she wasn't sure if they were any worse or not?! So she left it a while, then phoned the hospital and off she popped! From what she was saying, it sounded like the real thing, but bless her, she just wasn't sure!

I really wish you the best of luck hun and really hope you are holding baby in your arms very soon! I am thinking of you!!!

Can't wait to hear from you and see pics! :hugs: x x x
Oooohhh how exciting!!!

Good luck to bex .. hope everything goes ok and you have your new baby soon

Aw good luck Bexxie, i know you have been waiting for the day to come for ages!! :hugs::happydance:
Well Im her text buddy, and I havent had any calls or messages as of yet. Iwill drop her a text to see whats going on, and keep my phone with me tonight.
Well Im her text buddy, and I havent had any calls or messages as of yet. Iwill drop her a text to see whats going on, and keep my phone with me tonight.

Her phone is flat and as I said, she wasn't sure if it was the true thing!
Oh Bexxie! Good Luck! I hope this is it for you Babe!!!!
ohhhh i hope tat everything is fine with bexxie and that it was the real thing xx
hi guys

well got to hospital and put onto monitor and yes was the real deal! they came every 10 mins over an hour monitoring and reached 90 on the thing so were good and strong but i breathed through them,i then got on birthing ball to try and get them stronger but they tailed off...

they examined me and my cervix is very high and she couldnt reach but did have a tickle of babies head! babe is also now backto back litle sod so no more slouching for me.

they wanted me to stay in but me being me said nope and discharged myself and i will go back when they get 5 mins apart as am fed-up now.

i still have pains round back and niggles but my tummy is soft so no contractions! they said they didnt think it would be too long now but we will see. Trouble is contrcation pain does not bother me too bad so is so hard to tell what is 'Real' pain if you know what I mean.

All I want now is for cervix to drop down and start to open up so i can get on with it.

My phone not only died but credit has run out too (typical)so i couldnt text you cat! Sorry!

Well that was an eventful Saturday for me going for a long walk in a minute then going to jump on Dave sorry tmi:wacko: but there you go I will have her within the week if it knackers me

thanks girls and Tam for letting peeps know

I was getting all excited resding this, Bexxie get having rigarous sex with Dave, ride him like a horse!:rofl:
LOL no worries Bex, woke up to check my phone for news. Sorry its been so drawn out for you, well at least it looks like your nearly there and its all starting to hhappen, abet slowly! I give you 2 days max.

Also think positive, its good to know you got contractions of that strength and coped well. I hope your not waiting much longer!
Oh good luck Bexxie hun, it shouldn't be too long now :hugs:
Aww good luck bex .. hope its not too much longer for you now :hugs:
Good luck Bexxie. Hope you're not waiting too long.
Bex when I was examined my cervix was high and only two cm dilated but Alex still arrived 2 hours later. Make sure you don't leave it too late to get to the hospital ;)

Good luck!!

I am sitting here with pains every 8-11 minutes but to be honest I dnt find them too bad,so :blush: dont know?
Kina they couldnt even feel where cervix was to see if was even dilated,wish I could as woudl be checking myself,lol

I have just rang hospital and have said when they get worse I will go on but to be honest I am in denial with it and cannot believe she will/possibly be coming it doesnt seem real and I think I will still be sitting here in 2 weeks with these pains.

Funny thing to say but I wish I was in horrendous pain at least I woudl know where I stood?

I have just done all my ironing and feel worse so thats a good thing at least. Am going to have dinner in a minute then bath so hopefully/fingers crossed.

Thanks Girls

hope things get going for you soon hun.

ps i have heard that in very very early stages of labour eg 1 cm that a bath can slow things down x x

have sex. that worked for me although im sure its the last thing you want
have a quick run down the street :D

Hope everything goes well hun, thinking of you!! :hugs:
It would be lovely for you to have your Lo today on mothers day!

Do you know the sex of your Bubba? (sorry if i've missed it!)

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