Bfn then bfp?


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Aug 24, 2008
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Has anyone ever got a :bfn:on a clear blue digital only to then get a :bfp: later on or a few days later??? xxxxxx
didn't wanna just read and run, but no sadly i got a faint positive on a first response, then a bfn the next day with digi then the painters arrived very shortly after that!
i'm sure you can get it though as you probably just didn't have enough hormones to pick it up the first day...
I have had 2 :bfn: on boots hpt and :bfn: on dr's p test and a :bfn: on a first response....went to the dr yesterday and she said she not ruling out me being pg. gotta do another test on Monday. All I can say is everyone is different. a friend of mine told me the other day that her mum didnt show on a hpt till she was 4 months gone.

Good luck and try and stay chilled! :hugs:
Has anyone ever got a :bfn:on a clear blue digital only to then get a :bfp: later on or a few days later??? xxxxxx

Hi porky pig
yes definatley. i got a NOT PREGNANT with cb digi. on9dpo and 10dpo, came up bfp 13dpo.
does this mean you're feeling positive??
how many dpo are you??
got me fingers crossed for the :bfp:
I've never had a :bfp: so I can't really advise you on this. However, I know there are other girls on this forum that have gotten a :bfp: after a :bfn: You may just be testing a tad bit too early. Good luck!

I dont really have any advice but didn't want to read and run so good luck!! :hugs:
Yes, i've been on here a while and ladies get that all the time!
hi, this happens a lot i think, cb digi isnt as sensitive as a fr and it sometimes takes a couple of days longer to pick it up.
Thanks girls, just confused as i got a bfn on a cb digital tast but yesterday and today, i've been having very light pinky brown cm which i haven't had before cos usually by now it would have turned to red so i dont know whats going in. i wish af would show up if its going to and stop teasing me! xxx
I did when I got pregnant last year. Tested 11 days dpo and got a negative and got my bfp on day 14.

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