BFP but no symptoms..


Feb 7, 2007
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Hi Everyone, been a while since I have been able to find the time to come on here as Lara keeps me rather on my toes these days but I would love any advice as we just started ttc again properly last month and this morning AF due but no sign so did test and it was BFP but I am experiencing no symptoms whatsoever... the tests are showing strong positive lines but really not sure what to expect as when I was expecting Lara I had sore boobs straight away, since I had her I don't even get sore boobs with AF like I used to... anyone else pregnant with no symptoms?

thanks xxxx
Hi anna,

Itested this time round 2 days before AF was due and had fairly strong + but no symptoms. This whole pregnancy has been symptom free-apart from heartburt.

Its an old cliche, but Ive had it said to me numerous times that every pregnancy is different. It certainly is as 1st time I was ill.

Dont worry, just relax and enjoy being pregnant again hun xxx

Congrats btw!xxx
Sounds like congrats are in order!!! YAY!

Try not to worry, Im sure everything is fine x
Congratulations Anna :happydance:

Still penty of time for symptoms I would have thought although I was lucky on that score :headspin:I had nothing but sore boobs & I had days I paniced because they weren't sore.

Wow Anna! Congratulations! :happydance:

I had no symptoms at all for ages and then they were only mild. Couldn't believe it when they said I was PG as I was convinced I wasn't.
congrats Anna-
I had no symptoms up until 8 weeks+ and that was just nausea.

Congratulations on your BFP!
Thanks everyone, as some of you may remember I have had several miscarriages during my journey to become a mum and 3 very early ones since Lara was born almost a year ago so I am rather pesimistic about it all - I want to be excited but my self defence mechanism steps in and tells me not to expect too much :blush:

I hope that I am just being over cautious...

thanks again xxxxxx
Congratulations Anna!!!:hugs:

So pleased for you hunnie (and for me as well because if history is repeating itself, mine will come this month!!):happydance::happydance::happydance:
Congrats Anna!
I had no symptoms with this Baby till i was about 7 weeks, that was on holiday typical lol!
Hope u have a happy and heathly 9 months!
Ta everyone, I appreciate all your support as I feel as if I am just waiting for something to happen to reassure me.

LOL Amanda.. just sent you a PM.. hopefully history will repeat itself and we will both be having happy healthy pregancies again!

Still no symptoms although am peeing all the time and hungry non stop.. and I am behaving like an :witch: - moody as hell!! [but then I am most days pregnant or not!!]


As has already been said, no symptoms is nothing to worry about AND you still have plenty of time yet to develop them, but fingers crossed you wont!

Although the hunger and the weeing are sure signs! ;) :hugs:x
I've just pm'd you back Anna :hugs:

And, as I may have just reminded you, the month you conceived Lara, you weren't trying, and also didn't think the pregnancy would last with your history. And now she's driving you wild!!!:hugs:

Good luck hunnie, and I'll definitely pop and see you once the room stops spinning!:wacko:

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