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Sep 5, 2006
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chanelle has left the house!!!!!!!

:hi: buhbyeeeeeeeeeee
Thank god, as them pair were starting to get on my nerves big time!

I do think Ziggy was fcukin with her head tho, all these mind games. He only wnated to end it last night as he seen the new chicks that were coming in!


But all the same :hi: Chanelle!
yeah he proper did my head in with his games and messin her around but she did my head in too so buhbye and good ridence!
her n ziggy had an on/off relationship which was stressful. then he dumped her when he heard there were new girls comin in....

he messed her around sooooooooo much
He doesnt do it for me!:wacko:

then at this moment no one does :rofl:
I thought he was guy origanally tbh I know hes not but until I seen him carrying on with her I did LOL Is that what she told BB why she wanted out then?
dunno yet they only said shes gone out ... no update on why yet
Chanelle Leaves

Day 62, 15:33
Chanelle has left the Big Brother House...

Chanelle has left the Big Brother House following a blazing row with on-off love interest Ziggy. Having passionately argued to boiling point earlier in the Living Area this lunchtime, both halves of 'Chiggy' reached stalemate.

"I'm not giving you another chance to make me look stupid," Chanelle shouted at him, "to make me look like a doormat."
"That's what everyone said about me," replied Ziggy, "that I was the one looking like a doormat."

The doormats at dawn seemed to be the last straw for Chanelle as she stormed into the bedroom, showered, applied makeup, dressed, packed and went to the Diary Room where she told Big Brother:
"Thank you for having me. I really appreciate that you've let me on to the programme. "

She also excitedly added, "Now I can meet Victoria Beckham and catch the Spice Girls tour before it finishes!"

Chanelle left moments later, without saying goodbye to her fellow housemates, although she did leave a note.

Goodbye Chanelle, The Spice girls will be proud.

I'm not sorry though - she was a right wet fart and her voice grated on me.

The twins must win!!! :happydance:

Excellent news!!!!!! She was getting on my nerves BIG time! Her and Ziggy were both a pair of wet blankets!

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