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Sep 1, 2006
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does anyone know a really good way of getting blood out of WHITE lol

my dog just had surgery a few weeks ago, and it didn't heal (they are redoing it on tuesday) but he has a lampshade type thing on his head, and somehow just now while i was getting alexis breakfast and tidying the dishes he managed to get it off and scratch his ear ALL OVER MY WHITE DUVET :evil: its now sitting in my bathtub in freezing cold water but i don't think that will work :? i swear to god it was like a friggin murder scene when i went into my room....i'm so angry right now :x if anyone knows any good ideas it would be much appreciated :cry:
Awwww poor pooch!
Charley dog was never clever enough to get his cone off though!
Soak in Cold water is good.... AG is probably the best for stains, she advises me!

You got any Vanish style stain removal stuff that you can put in with your wash?

Blood stains on fabric:

Soak in salted cold water, or warm detergent solution. Wash in the usual manner. Stubborn stains can be soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution (20 volume strength diluted 1 part to 4 parts water) plus a few drops of ammonia.
salt peroxide and stain remover...thank you :D:D:D:D heres hoping it works i don't get paid till thursday if it doesn't lol and i will need to get a duvet cover or something stupid :? really don't want a bloody duvet till then :sick: lol thanks
I'm guessing you have got to it almost straight away so a good soak & your hottest wash shoudl work!
yeah got to it maybe 5 minutes soon as paco (my dog lol) came out with blood all over and his cone hanging around his neck :? lol geeky dog threw it right in the tub its still in there i just added some salt (regular or sea salt? i threw in regular lol) and peroxide and stain remover....will let it soak for another hour i think then wash it :lol: stupid blood lol
Cold water is definatley a good start, cold water breaks up blood cells making it easier to get out of fabrics.
yay on the road to success....or at least to a clean duvet hehe :hangwashing:
awww yes he is ok lol i'm not heartless i made sure he was fine....AFTER i put my duvet in the tub 8) lol no, seriously, i knew he was fine, his ear is "healing" supposedly...but according to the vet its not healing right (he had to get surgery he had a hematoma, a HUGE blood blister in his ear) it was really sad, but this was about a month ago and he's had weekly visits to the vet to check the healing...which its NOT healing... so he has to go back tomorrow to get the surgery redone...i don't think its bothering him very much, except its itchy (thats how his lamp shade came off from him trying to get to his ear to scratch it) but he is pretty good apart from that :D when i get home from work for his night time walk lol i run with him a bit...if you can imagine it looks pretty funny an 8 month pregnant girl running with a dog with a lampshade on lol....we only make it about a block and a half but its he still has his sense of fun...just hoping this surgery works and helps him heal...hes got a HUGE gash in his ear which was supposed to be healed up 2 weeks ago :(

he's my precious tho i love him so much...he was my only friend for awhile there...when i first moved here with my OH :? stupid town i live in lol
Thats it ~n you make sure you pooch is OK then its full scale rage coz theres blood everywhere :rofl: I'd do my nut :rofl: What a nightmare!

You got that duvet in a HOT wash yet?
Awww bless him!
Charley dog gets poorly ears, it fills with fluid and they have to drain it when it does it (i looks like a fluffy hot water bottle!)
And he runs along the railings at my mums house trying to get to it so he can scratch it!

Glad both Duvet and pooch are ok!

lol i was def losing it .... and no its still soaking in cold....i should put it in hot now?!?!?! lol will do in a sec....

and aww the vets drain his ears? do they stitch it up after? cuz maybe they just have to stitch it differently? because the vet who did pacos (who come to think of it might not be the best person to take advice from lol) said that they have to stitch it like a quilt to stop it from keeping coming back....maybe that would help charley?? i duno maybe ask your vet about it?
You can go stick it in the wash now, hopefully it should come out!
Its my fault his ears are like that :(
When i was younger i put bobbles in his ears, and one fell out and i forgot to take the other one out... and it broke the honeycomb structure thats the inside of his ears :( :cry:
I was only trying to make him pretty! :oops:

I don't think mum would put him through it now, he's 9 today and Old English only have a life expectancy of 9ish :( :cry:

He's not had it done for awhile now so touchwood he won't need it doing again bless him!

awwww :hugs: i'm sure he looked very pretty :D and as long as it wasn't life threatening i wouldn't worry :) as you can see from my pics of my dog lol i was (and still am) bad for dressing up pets lol (the one pic has paco in a life jacket 8)) lol

and as long as he had a happy time then its ok :D:D

i'll cross my fingers too he won't need it again :friends:
oooh just to say :D THE BLOOD ALL CAME OUT!!!!! :!: WAHOOOOOO lol

thanks for your guy's help :D:D saved my duvet, and my wallet :lol:
Glad ya got it sorted babe! xx

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