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Aug 31, 2006
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not sure if i should be posting this in here, feel a bit of a fraud but didnt know where else to put it..

all my results are normal, the LH ones is normal does that mean i hve ovulated or i havent? im confused :?

It's good news.

Am I right she took your bloods on a random day though? They did that with me but it seems for better results a certain day of the month is best, in y our cycle anyway!

But over all Layla yes thats FAB news!

*Runs off to give your chart a kicking* :rofl:
That's good news. When was your blood test? Was it a day 21?

Have they said what's next now for you?

Anyone heard from AG this morning? I was wondering how the results of her blood test went.
it wasnt taken on day 21 coz i have no idea where my cycle is, if that spotting was AF then it was taken on day 7

but if that spotting wasnt AF and it was ovulation instead then it was taken on day 49.

im meant to make an aponitment with the doctor to see what happens next.

im still not sure tho, its good that they are all fine, but is that fine as in they have picked the LH up and i am ovulating, or is it fine as in there is no trace of it?


The LH means you have ovulated. I think I'm right in saying the blood test for LH is normally done on day 21.

The thing I'm not sure on is how long LH stays in your system... till next AF maybe? :? If that's right, then this is probably day 49, it seems unlikely that you would ovulate before day 7 and your chart seems to stack up with that.

Take your charts with you to your next appointment. Although none of my docs and consultants have encouraged charting, they're all dead interested to look at them! :roll:

They might do a day 5 blood test next. That checks whether your piturity gland (summat in your brain) is generating the right hormone pre-ovulation.

Hope that helps.


Good news then babe :dance: x

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