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Bub not sleeping properly @ night :( Help!


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Feb 1, 2008
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Over the past 2 days Savannah hasn't been sleeping real well at night. She used to sleep from 10-1, have a feed then from 2-6. Now she'll wake upat 9:30ish and stay awake and sooky until about 1am when I get so tired I end up putting her into bed with me, and then I get to do it all again when she wakes 3-4hrs later. Last night I was getting so frustrated, i'd put her in her bassinette and get into bed, only to be having to get back up 5 mins later coz she starts crying.

I try to wind her after every few mins on the breast and her nappy gets changed before every feed. I really don't want her to get used to sleeping with me as I don't want to have to deal with it all later on. She used to sleep great swaddled in her bassinette, so it's not something that is unusual. I know she's only 1 week old but I'm getting so tired and frustrated! She's fine in the afternoons.

Anyone have any advice? I don' normally give her a dummy but I tried last night just for some relief but she spat it out. She's not hungry either...
Well,I'm no expert but I'm guessing she's getting over the 'newborn coma'.I know Lola-Rose is a few days older than her and she also used to sleep from 10-2 and from 3-7a.m. but I'm noticinng that it's a little less every day now...
Wow, give her a chance. Caitlyn didn't sleep atall at night untill 4 weeks!
I no, it just that its only a sudden thing
She's a newborn. There will be ALOT of changes, every day! They need to establish a routine and you're probably not helping by getting frustrated. Just sleep when she sleeps, even if it's the middle of the day.
Rihanna is only 12 days old now and wakes every 4 hours... but has a crabby time through the night.

Currently she is sleeping 6am - 10am - 2pm - 6pm - 10pm -2am awake till 4am,

She is suffering with colic though so taking everyday as it comes and I am sure she will change each day as the other ladies say... trying to sleep whenever possible n mum is helping me too at night.

Frustration will only tire you out even more hun and our likle ones sense the tension too xxx big hugs xxx
Alex seems to have her wakey time during the day most of the time. Best thing that seems to work in helping her get a good nights sleep is to give her a bath before her last feed. Last night she slept from 1 till 6. And the same sunday after her bath, So I think establishing bathtime as part of our night time routine now wouldnt be a terrible idea. :D
Try and sleep whenever she sleeps shes only young though so it will take a while to get into a routine you can allways try and help her routine like bath her same time every night, but at a week old shes bound to be all over the place with sleeping and feeding it could take weeks. Charlie is 5 months old and still up every 3 hours for feeds during the night and took him a couple of months to realise the difference between night and day, i still have to sleep for an hour or 2 in the day now when he naps as im sooo tired. Goodluck xxx
Last night was better... She slept from 11-2 and then from 4-6. She slept in her bassninette first but wouldn't settle in it after her 2am feed so I gave in quicker and put her in with me, since then she's been waking approx every 2hrs. So I got more sleep than the past 2 nights. I think my main problem is getting her to sleep in her bassinette, I don't want her to get used to sleping with me.
all i have to say is don`t be afraid to put her in her bed and let her winge for a bit so long a she isn`t making hr self upset she is fine
Its frustrating i know especially when your so tired!! BF babies digest breast milk alot quicker so I think most breastfeeding mums will tell you that there LO's still wake at4 months plus!!
Unfortunately I was unsucessful at bf-ing :cry: but I would have gave her formula at her night feed so she slept through!! But its probably best to wait for 4 weeks at least if you wanted to take that option!!
i BF my bubba and he sleeps 8 hours a night now. he never used to when he was nweborn we were awake every 4-5 hours. dont worry she will get it. xxx
i BF my bubba and he sleeps 8 hours a night now. he never used to when he was nweborn we were awake every 4-5 hours. dont worry she will get it. xxx

wow thats brill xxx
thanks i dont know how we do it but i think its cause he is so greedy during the day but doesnt sleep much x
Im having this same problem with my lo.

Jess is brilliant at daytime- like butter wouldnt melt- come 1am, she cries and cries until about 6am sometimes- Its abs exhasuting for both me and hubby.

She is now 2wks old- Ive started the routine of not talking to her at night and dim the lights and putting her down straight after a feed- but it doesnt seem to work.

everyone has been telling me this will settle and that it will get better- right now its soo hard to believe.

Do you guys still wake your LO to feed every 3-4 hours? When did your LO start sleeping thro the night and less in the day?
oh Ill join the sleepless nights club yawn roll on teenage years(only joking good nights sleep would be great though):hugs:
try giving her a bath right before you feed her same time every night bed time bath and lotion is great even when she wakes through the night and wont sleep give it ago then just give her a nice little massage

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