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    Right well if you do a food diary Iwant to know everything, every drink and when you have cerial Iwant to know what milk, what spreads you put on what type of bread etc. And times is usfull, as I want to see your eating routine.

    The first thing I notice looking at your regular meals is that you eat a lot of red meat, you shouldnt really have it more than twice a week. Also you didnt mention any fish, do you have any fish in your diet?

    At least Bicardi is quite low in calories as alcohol goes!

    You do appear to have a lot of saturated fat in your diet from your red meat, chips, chicken supreme, with is creamy isnt it? Jacket spud which is prob with butter and cheese! lol.

    Te best think to do is find healthier ways of eating food you love. For example, have you ever tried turkey bacon? Iknow it sounds crap ut it tastes the same but is very low fat and actually good for you, grill it dont fry it, and have in a whole meal read sandwich with lettice, tomatoes and a little low fat salad cream, and you have a very healthy low fat lunch! Also try new foods! One of the best things about changing your diet is experimenting with new recieps, so if for example you dont normally eat fish, find a fis you like and get a tasty looking reciepe and try it!

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