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Aug 31, 2006
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Did anyone see this last night?

It was so funny lol Preston is such an arse :rofl:

Bugger I wanted to watch it and forgot, is it repeted?
It is but i dont know when, sorry, not much help lol

I luuurve that programme, has me laughing all the way through it!
Simon is so much better than Mark, he makes me laugh the whole way through. its just his little face that does it for me, he is so cute lol



click on peeved Preston! :D

Never watch it ... i just clicked on the subject cause layla had put "Cocks" in the title ....

Dirty lil bugger aint i lmao!!! :lol:
What a big girl!!! :roll:

hehehehehe very funny!
Im a funny mood today ....

Incase you hadn't guessed!, and i am rather a big girl these days ... im in maternity clothes :D
I caught it last night. Very strange.

That is one man who takes himself far too seriously.
HA Ha Ha
I watched the repeat last night

What a knob!!!!! people have had far worse thrown at them on there

Also was it just me or did he look so tiny with a lollypop head??? Ok he was sat next to Phil but........
Yeah I caught the repeat, I cant believe they did the rest of the show with a random bloke out the audience. I mean why did Preston go on the show? They playfully atke the piss out of everyone, they wernt even particularly take the piss out of him. What a cock!
you could tellhe just didn't want to be there in the first place.

i hate him and her anyway, thats goes to show how muh of a d**khead he is :roll:
Jo said:
Also was it just me or did he look so tiny with a lollypop head??? Ok he was sat next to Phil but........

Yeah, I thought that. That is one bloke you wouldn't want to see naked. Horrible weedy little chest. Ugh!
as much as I am not a fan of him or Chantelle I would have gone mad if someone was taking the piss out of my OH. I did giggle when he walked off but not sure if I wouldn't have done the same. The guy in the audience had a great night I bet.
He was only reading out what she put, it wasn't like he made sarcy comments after or anything.
He was miserable from the start, must have been having one of those days, or did it as a stunt to make himself more popular. :roll:
poeple know if they are going on that program to expect some ribbing of some sort, the comidian (sp?) had some about teh moble stuff, he took it well tho.

Preston is such an arse, he takes everything to seroiusly


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