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Jul 9, 2008
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Can anyone share with me their experience of deciding to become a SAHM?

I'm currently trying to decide whether to go back to work in December, or become a SAHM and I'm totally confused.
I'm currently at a good paying job, however they've changed our job roles, and have gotten rid of a lot of people. They've actually changed our job to telemarketing (YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)....and I almost died when I found out. Add to that, the idea of leaving my baby at a sitter makes me tear up!
I know we'll have to be on a tight budget if I decide to be a SAHM, but I just wanted to know if everyone else was torn with this decision, and if anyone regretted it.

Thanks so much!
Well I was getting ready to go back to work in the pharmacy when I found out I was pregnant so My then boyfriend,now husband, told me to just stay home and take it easy. I had MC before so did not want to get stressed. After the baby I breast feed and could not imagine leaving him with anyone. I stayed home and started an online school. I still don't work and sometimes it is stressful and we could use the extra money but I refuse to put my son in Daycare and I don't know anyone I trust to watch him so my husband and I just deal with it. Good luck on your decision. It is hard either way.
How about you try look for ways to do a bit of work from home to earn some extra cash?

I dunno how i'd feel about leaving my child with a babysitter or in a nursery, so the only thing i can think of is to try make money from home.

You know, when i was short of cash (and i know this is only a short term fix for a few things), i sold aload of my old stuff on Ebay and made £800 within 3 months. That was a few bills paid for!

Every little helps, as tesco say!
Good luck!
I am a SAHM and i love it :) my son has been in my sole care until now, he has just started pre-school :( I would recommend staying at home as you will never get the years back where as a job is always easy to come by.
OH and I worked out what I have to make to make it worth working. Once I take out the cost of childcare and running my vehicle it makes more sense for me to stay home look after Brooklynn and the house. If I worked there would be nothing left of my pay once everything was covered. So here I am...
Well, I am going to be staying at home after I have children. However, in my job I am able to work at home. So, I will have the best of both worlds. Being able to work and make the extra income and also taking care of the kids so I don't have to put them in daycare.
i have just given up my job as a nurse to be a SAHM, we will never be rich, but we are much happier, and i love being at home with my son. When i was working he had to be dragged out of bed at 6am, and sometimes he'd be asleep when i got home from work, and id have only see him for an hour a day for upto 3 days and it just wasnt worth it anymore. when hes old enough to go to school i may rethink about work, but while hes just lil i wanna enjoy the time with him xx
Ahhh thank you all....I made the final decision to stay home, and now every time I spend any money, I'm stressing out since I won't be getting these mat leave cheques in a couple of months. In the back of my mind, sometime tells me it'll be alright, and we'll be fine, but I guess I'm a stress-o-holic. I'm just super worried that the budget we will have will just be too tight...
hope everything works out for you :hugs: i'm a stay at home mum and love it! before i had maddi i had got my sociology and criminology degree, was teaching and had big career dreams! this is so much better than any of that :cloud9::happydance::cloud9:

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