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    So I am starting a whole new venture. I am going to be starting my online college courses on August 24th and I am a little nervous :blush: okay A LOT nervous.

    I printed off the Syllabus, course calender, Final Project Overview, and the first weeks reading material tonight and wow! There is a lot to do.

    These are my final projects:
    For my Business Communication class I need to put together a Powerpoint presentation to persuade a business committee that the office building needs a new service.
    For my Skills for Learning class I need to put together a Student Survival Guide.

    Okay fine I can do this. :shrug:

    The BIL's girlfriend is going to college too, but she is going to the local tech college so she won't be here during the day, so I am guessing I am gonna be handling all the housework, BIL's child when she is here at least the days that BIL's girlfriend has class til 5pm.

    At lot of people are looking at me, going well, going online won't be hard... HAHA yeah right... you try it! You're cramming 2 classes into 9 weeks, not to mention you have to log in on your own... You do have to be in class at least 3 days a week, but should be in there at least 25 hours a week so you understand all the material.

    Both my daughters will be in school, though Alyssa will only be gone half days. So I will have about 4 hours to work on college with no chidren here, though MIL seems to think that me sitting here working on the computer is a invite for a conversation.

    Geez we really need to move... ugh... Least then I could get some personal space... LOL You guys should see our kitchen table. I have my laptop, a normal size keyboard and mouse, and a printer all sitting right here because I am working on some workshops to get me ready for school.

    All in all I am very excited, but I am worried I won't be taken seriously because I can "do it whenever I want to" which in a way is true but not really.

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