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    Hey beautiful ladies (and guys if so),
    I will try really hard not to drag this on for too long (or make it too confusing), but since this has never happened before, its quite interesting. Whoever went through this, I would love some insight PLEASE!

    Yes, I want to know can I possibly pregnant or not? So here we go->

    I will start by saying I have a 14month old, so we are not trying, yet not preventing (somewhat). Just finances...yep you guys know very well.
    I got back on the pill 31 August just to get my hormones in check since I broke out hectically on my face.
    2 months later I literally forgot to buy my new packet for the month, but also realised when I was supposed to start my 3rd month packet, THAT MY PERIOD IS LATE. Like what? (this was 27 October and already CD30).
    So without freaking out (not really) I tested that Friday (CD32), 2-3 days after my expected period. My test was negative. So I went to my app and saw, okay, my cycle varies between 28 and 30 days, but I had one occurrence where I started in CD33 (this was before I started the pill). So no biggie, lets give it the weekend.
    3 days later, that Tuesday morning (CD36) I took another test because AF is still absent, and another negative.
    At this point my work colleagues informed me that the pill can do that and delay AF. I did NOT disregard that argument, but the fact that I was on it for only 2 months was still a bit weird that it would suddenly make my regular cycles irregular, but not impossible. I still keep that in mind.
    The next day (CD37) I had a lot of EWCM, and another negative with a very expensive Clear Blu test. At this point I decided that's enough testing for me. So I let it be, knowing = Here I'm already about a week late.

    That weekend- CD40 and CD41 and CD42, I had backpain, mild cramps and mild headaches (thinking AF is coming now for real) but CD41, 4 days after having EWCM, I had again a lot of EWCM, but only for that one day also. Now of course I'm on the internet and I'm reading about delayed ovulation, and I'm thinking "can it really be possible?".

    Now comes the fun part- I noticed my temperature was much higher than I'm used to starting from CD42 and I knew CD44 would mark the 2 week late for AF. My temperature usually goes from 36.0 to 36.2 degrees Celsius but now its suddenly 36.7, 36.8, 36.7 and so on.
    For this whole week starting from CD42 to maybe CD46 my abdomen felt what I can only describe as tender. But if I pressed on my stomach, meh everything is fine. I had absolutely no symptoms except backpain mild cramps and occasional headaches.

    I woke up 03:00 AM on Sunday (CD48) and I'm sorry for the graphics, but I threw up like nearly 6 or 7 times that day. I couldn't eat anything. Eventually my grandmother gave me a bicarbonate of soda remedy and it worked but my body was so sore, my legs were numb and tingling and my headaches were ongoing for the whole day. I was extremely weak and very dizzy but it could be due to the lack of nutrition. Safe to day I did not wake up in the same state on Monday (CD49), but the nausea was still there, very briefly. And I say briefly, becuase everytime I felt that very mild nauseating feeling, I would literally tell myself "no, don't overthink things, it's nothing) and then I would feel fine. I felt very mild, actually barely there nausea 2 or 3 times Monday.
    Oh my gosh guys I even tried ruling out that this was a stomach bug but since I didn't take any medication except for drinking headache pills and bicarbonate of soda remedy to relieve the nausea, it couldn't be that. And that's when I realised I never had stomach cramps or diarrhea at this point (which I do if I have a bug), IN FACT, I've been struggling with constipation since I'm late.

    Today is CD50 and I can say I'm basically 3 weeks late. But I have not tested since CD37. After I had the EWCM, I kept having Creamy CM since then and my cervix even went low within this week and now its high up again and quite firm. Still no AF, and definitely a slight nauseating feeling with my coffee, and here I'm starting to struggle with finishing my coffee, "but no, don't freak out it can be nothing".

    The only reason why I'm here is that I have to wait until next week before I can buy a test again, and you all know by now how curiosity just devours us from the not-knowing.

    So just to summarise for conveniece about all my symptoms if I didn't mention them above:
    3 weeks late
    Had mild cramps, back pain and occasional headaches
    The past 2 days I've felt mild nausea that I talk down (besides Sunday which was just murder itself)
    I'm definitely more out of breath or I'm just really unfit
    For a coffee lover, I'm struggling the pas 3 days to finish even one cup, BUT NO metallic taste and I honestly still enjoy it, it just taste somehow off or too strong. I know, not really helpful
    My temperature is up for the past week and half

    My boobs are fine and I can't see if they're bigger
    I really can't smell due to medical reasons so that doesn't help me
    I can't really say I'm moody, and I'm always moody before and during AF, but happy chappy (but I'm really like that so basically just normal me)
    No food aversions (well yet I think)
    No heartburn
    No vivid dreams

    I really tried to look at the pros and cons for my situation.

    With my son, I was 6 days late when I got my BFP (and it was so unexpected). My symptoms only came in my 3rd month of pregnancy, and the worst aversion was Garlic for me, and my dream were very vivid and voilent. So I can't really rely on my previous pregnancy since my boy didn't hassle me much and everything came later than expected and my morning sickness only lasted for about 2 to 3 weeks (thank goodness because that was terrible).

    Thank you guys for taking the time in reading this, and I'll appreciated your answers. I'm definitely testing next week, I just want to see what you guys think we're leaning towards

    Pregnant or Not Pregnant.

    Love you all, and God bless!
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    I'm sorry your stuck in a bit of limbo at the moment. Just a quick question, have you recently had covid or the covid jab?
    After I had covid my cycle went a bit crazy and my usual 26-28 day cycle was 35 days. They're now back to normal ISH now if not a few days out here and there but it could be to do with that? Also the pill can do all sorts to your cycle as it stops you ovulating and if you're now not taking the pills again your body may well have ovulated twice and confused itself?

    Either way I hope when you test you get your answer and if still no af I think it'll be time to get in touj with your Dr xx
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    Hi hon sorry ure in such a limbo situation.
    Was wondering if ure pill was the mini pill or the combined pill?
    With the mini pill ure periods can stop.

    With the combined pill u normally have that 7 day break for ure period. So was just wondering which one u was on.

    Also there's a thing called the hook effect which can happen at 6 to 8ish weeks pregnant.
    The hook on effect is where a test shows negative because the HCG hormone is so so High it confuses the test and causes fainter lines or negatives.

    The only way you can test that out is actually adding water to ure urine.
    It's like 1 4th urine and 3 4th water. And tests will be darker positive again.

    I think the only way ure going to know for sure hon is to test. Its so hard to say if ure pregnant or not.
    U do have some interesting symptoms so u cud be pregnant.
    I hope when u do test u get the answers that u want hon.
    U can get a box of 25 tests for very cheap off amazon.
    When u do test just test with urine first. But if its negative do another test and add water to ure wee. If still negative then ure probably not pregnant.
    But if AF continues to stay away u cud see if u can have some bloods done to check HCG levels.

    Sorry I'm not much help but hope I've helped a little.
    And I really hope u get the outcome u want.

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