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Child Birth


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Sep 1, 2006
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Ok here goes i have had two nightmare labours so far and as a result i am unable to give birth naturally.

i had none of the pushing and panting. I feel robbed in a way.

With my first born Shaun i was extremely tired (total lack of sleep for 3 days, due to being uncomfy) and although managing on the gas and air for the start of the labour by about an hour into it I had to have monitors placed on his head in the Birth Canal as i was not progressing as they would have liked. After about 30 minutes of monitering i was rushed from one room to the next told if i didnt have a c-section the baby would die. Obviously to my horror i signed away and went into the operating room. They put me under a General Anasthetic too as i was so tired anyway.
I remeber little about the whole thing really just those pointers. Anyway 5 days later i left the hospital.

With my 2nd child on the way i was given the option of a 2nd c-section or going Natural. No contest really Naturel please :D

Unfortunatly Ben had different ideas. I was 2 weeks over due to be induced at 9am on the friday and at 4 am i went into labour :roll: I got to the hospital and all was set for a natural birth, then my waters broke and i was in tremendous pain. The Doctors and Midwife checked me out and it turned out although my 2nd bundle of joy had decided to be so good at the last day or so he had managed to turn himself and was trying to be delivered TRANSVERSE. (sideways) well actually one leg had already managed to make its way into the birth canal, and the rest of him was stuck. So off i went again for another c-section to aid in the birth. This time i also opted for a General Anasthetic, coz i'm a chicken :lol: anyway again 5 days later i'm out of the hospital.

I'm now trying for my 3rd and final baby. I say my final as i have had 2 c-sections and it is advisable if not the medical law to say 3 c-sections is enough. BTW i have to have another c section as i will not be allowed to carry full term. The reasons behind both these reasonings is the lining of the womb would have been ruptured too many times and too much strain may cause a rupture resulting in heomariging <<sp and possibly death. So i've vowed not to chance it.

Anyway my main reason is as i said earlier i feel robbed of a natural birth so for those who have managed to go one better than me please can you tell me what it was like for you.

Or if you are trying for your first and had the option of Natural or C-Section which would you chose and why ??

And i totally apologise now if i have upset anybody.
hi i had a c section for my daughter cuz she was breech, and i want to have a natural birth with this baby, and am really hoping that i can because of the same reasons as you i feel like i was robbed of the experience... well not really "robbed" we just have a different experience :) i hope everything is ok for you this time around even tho you have to have another c section... either way the baby comes and is wonderful
I would like to have a natural birth... but if they needed to i wouldn't argue against a c-section...
I'd have liked a home birth really, but after watching that programme about the 3 sisters who made 1 baby, she had a natural home birth and it kind of put me off!

Can't remember most of my labour and the bits i do were a nightmare!!

Was off my face and drugs and would do the same again if needs be!!

But im not going down THAT road again ... safe to say one is more than enough for me thanks!!
i had a natural birth (well i had gas n air) but i mean vaginal delivery and whilst it did hurt a lot i'm glad i experienced it, it was amazing pushing bubba out! yeah it hurt but the pain stops as soon as you see the baby!! then again i had a good delivery if i'd had difficulties like traverse arrest etc i might not be saying that!
had an epidural due 2 46hrs of labour!!!was vaginal birth,hard but long!!!

i had a natural birth and i felt every pound of him coming out(lol well he was 10lbs!!!) was 1 of the worst pains i have experienced... wud i do it again hell yeah!!!!!
I tore soooo bad 5wks on still not reparing :(
I was induced at 13days overdue getting very fed up!

I was induced on the thursday around midday and went into establised labour and up to the labour ward at 2.45, Then my contractions weren't really gonig anywhere so they broke my waters, strangest feeling ever! Then things really got going and I started on the gas and air. I was already using a TENS machine which I would recommend! At 6.45 I was ready to push but this was a long process, I got very tired and Hot They had fans and Wet paper towls on me, but I was just so hot and out of breath then I was Tachiacardic (sorry cant spell it) So this meant Ella was als tachiacardic and had to get her out ASAP, so they used Vontouse, so legs up on the stirups and lots of hard work and the head finally came out, her hand was up against her face so I thought it was harder pushing the sholdurs out that the head!

I had a episiotomy to help get her out, so had to be stiched up afterwards, which was quite painful!

She was born 6th Jan weighing 8lb 4oz, a big baby for little me!
hayden was 8lb10 and i'm quite small..only had 5 stitches though.did hurt but surely a section scar would be just as painful! and you cant bend etc which has gotta be hard with a newborn!

still dont envy yvanne...10lb (good on ya for no stitches)
I was determined not to have a section or an epidural I really wanted a natural birth (plus gas and air!) and I was so proud of myself for doing it!
me too..gas and air was fun at first but after a while u get used to it! but now i've done it naturally next time i might have some pain relief..lol
I had an emergancy c-section with DD as i couldnt seem to
dilate quick enough and the baby was distressed,
and once my blood levels rocketed they zoomed me off,
but I was so hgh on drugs, and the epidural I wasnt bothered
where I was LOL

TTC #2 and im going fo ra c-section again this time by
choice !! I early lost DD and im not risking it again, so
guess im different, id have liked a natural birth but now
I think id stick with a section all the way.

My mum had me and my bro by c-section an she said the same that she felt robbed.
She was with me when i had kai, i was determined i wasnt having c-section or epidural like u lauz, i went on to have kai naturally well with gas n air after 26 hrs of labour he was 7lb 7oz and i needed no stiches :oops: i was proud of myself. lol. the only complication was when his head was on its way out he poo'd so once he was fully out he was whipped away, i thought somethin was seriously wrong but few mins later they bought him back an he was fine!
best experience of my life giving birth and i cant wait to go through it all again!!
sophie said:
best experience of my life giving birth and i cant wait to go through it all again!!

here here! I dont know why but I cant wait to experience child birth again, I liked it! I was smiling and chatting away inbetween contractions and tis the most rewarding thing Ill ever do!

Cathrine thats understandable having an elective c-sec with no.2 I would aswell in your shoes
Wow i never realised so many others had C- sections too. i'm kinda the only one of any of my family and friends to have had to have one so to me it was all new.

Agree with the bending but the stupid silly hospital i was at also expected me to make my own bottles (pro breast feeding) of SMA as the rules said they couldnt :x so evidently i passed out a few times in the kitchen while i was attending to the feed bit :roll:

Everyone's choices are right for them at that time so i dont tjhink i could be judgemental of anoynes reasonings for one delivery or the other. Celebrities normally opt for a c-section but thats because in the top london hospitals they also give them a tummy tuck at the same time hence the lovley flat stomach's a week after the birth.
I had ds by c-section after failure to progress. I had been having contractions for 3 days!! I was so tired by the time he was born that I don't really remember the event, apart form the fact that Barry White was playing in the background.

I have been given the option this time to choose. I have decided to have another section because everytime I think of those three days in hospital and then the trauma of not remembering I start to cry. I would rather choose the way I want to give birth and know what to expect than go through all that again.

My labour was a nightmare and as a result I am dreading this one :cry:

I went 10 days overdue, so I had to go in to hospital on the Tuesday to be induced. They decided to give me the pessarie at 10pm, but the baby was so active, they couldn't do it, so the put me in a side room and monitored me and was going to go for it as soon as baby settled. 2am they came back and baby was still going for gold, so they decided they would try at 6am............YAY, baby was asleep so this was it. Although by 12pm I still had no signs of labour so they decided they were going to do it again in a couple of hours :roll:

I then started contracting which I didn't know about at 12.30pm without them giving me another pessary.....I was taken to the labour ward at 1.15pm as I was in so much pain and they decided pain relief would now benefit me.

From 1.30pm I was in full blown labour, I was in agony and the contractions where so fast I barely had time to catch my breath in between each one, I was getting so warn out......I had pethedine, it didn't seem to help, I had Gas and Air, but I NEEDED REAL HELP!!! :(

I was pushing and I was only 3cm dilated :shock: but I had no control, my body was doing it all.........I had a surgeon come in (by this time I had about 8 proffessionals in the room) and she said if I kept going like that I would be really swollen and in agony........but I had no control over it, it was all happening beyond my control, my body had a mind of its own and it was wearing me out :cry:

Eventually a consultant came in and consulted with someone else and they decided that this was all wrong and too much and decided to give me the same drug they give to women who go into premature labour, so it would slow me down and make it more realistic for me and able to handle it all..........I have to say within a short time, it had taken effect and I was able to breath, although it didn't help with the pushing, that was all still going on :?

I kept screaming for an epidural followed by "you wouldn't put a dog thru this" :oops: What I also forgot to mention is I had ciatica too, so I was unable to move myself into a comfortable position and was slowly starting to lay across the bed rather than along it, which wasn't helping things either!

They decided to give me an epidural, which was agony in itslef the nurses pushing me down so I leaned over my bump, ohhhhhh the pain and discomfort :shock: I wanted to punch them and just sit up!

Had the epidural.....waited, and waited and waited....nothing still lots of pain, pushing and god knows what else, so they decided to give me another one.....waited, waited, and waited some more, again it didn't work I was screaming, pushing and taking as much gas and air as I could swallow, then more pethedine (got knows how much of that stuff I had in total but nothing seemed to be working)

In the end the baby was starting to get distressed so they was going to insert a needle into her head.......as they were preparing it and came towards me, I said "don't bother she is here" and when they lifted up the blanket there was her head :cry: (joyful tears) so then came the rest of her........and then the placenta was a nightmare to get out, but that came eventually too!

As a result of the fast, strong labour I ended up SOOOOO swollen down below, I almost fainted when I wiped myslef after going to the loo, it was like a football :shock: I had to sit on a rubber ring as it was so painful.......I also had big probs going to the loo :cry:

The swelling lasted for 3 months!!!!!!!!!!!!! And the labour is still fresh in my mind and this time round as no pain relief worked, I am going to look into hypno birthing, as if it doesn't work, at least I tried another thing :?

I sailed thru my last pregnancy and had a crap birth, this time I am having a crpa pregnancy so I am really praying for a much better birth....................but having said all that, my DD is the best thing in the world and worth every ounce of pain.......it just don't feel like that at the time :lol:
OMG tam what an ordeal you went through hun!
apparently the second birth is always quicker and better..so fingers crossed for you! when my mum had me i was double breech so i was bum first, she was meant to have a section but went into natural labour and it was too late i was coming down the birth canal..so she had horrific labour and 46 stitches inside and out..! but with her second birth my sis was born in half an hour of getting to hospital..no tearing apparently she flew out! so there is hope for you hun! xx
Ohhhh your poor Mum!!!! All those stitches :shock:

Fingers crossed for this birth, I am really trying not to think of it :lol: xx

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