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Nov 8, 2006
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Hi peeps,

Jst wanted to know if an of you have a modern combi boiler and what you think of them.

We are moving house shortly and havingg one fitted to the new house.
I have been told that they are reat cause you never run out of hot water, but that it takes a while for the hot water to come through.

Also the plumber that quoted us last night, said we wouldnt need a power shower as the water pressure from one was good enough?

What do you think of them?
I have a combi-boiler in theory it's pretty good but mine is as old as the ark and on its way out, left us with no heating last christmas.

Basically you have constant hot water, you just run the tap for a couple of seconds for it to kick in.
And we have an electric shower but in our previous house we had a gas boiler powered shower and the pressure was much better than our current electric one.
Don't know about power shower though. Do you mean those that have water coming out of loads of holes up and down a panel? I'm not sure if it's powerful enough for that.

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When I saw power shower I mean like we have at our house at the moment where we have a complety seperate set of pipes and stuff for it and it heats its self up, so it doesnt water if you have hot water in the rest of the house or not and its a normal shower heat but has quite a bit if force compared to mixer tap type showers that just sort of drible on you
Thats sounds like my electric shower.

A Gas shower powered by your combi-boiler will be a lot more powerful.

Charm x
I think we have that kind of boiler, i def like that we always have hot water but seem to have less pressure in the water than we did before it was fitted.
I prefer a combi bolier you never run out of hot waters. Ours is oil powered and we have no probs with water pressure. Our shower is just a standard one and is plenty powerful

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