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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive Over 35' started by velo, Mar 28, 2011.

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    My DH (44) and myself (37) have been TTC since our wedding and coming off the pill in Sept '10. Nothing so far and its frustrating although I know many of you having been trying much longer.

    I charted first month, and the last month, and so it appears I am ovulating, and my LP is about 13 days. Most months the BD timing seems excellent, less one where I was grumpy and think we missed the window. EWCM seems fairly elusive right now.

    Here's what I'm doing now:
    - morning grapefruit juice
    - no coffee :( alcohol (cept maybe a glass or two of wine during my period)
    - eating mostly organic vegetarian whole foods diet with some low-mercury fish.
    - really trying to minimize any processed food, sugar and white flour products, white rice.
    - 50 mg of B6, and folic acid supplement.
    - trying to increase protein a bit, and fibre (have quinoa for brekkie with oats, fruit, almonds and pumpkin seeds)
    - BD in the fertile window: avoid lube, avoid oral foreplay, avoid me on top (for gravity)
    - occasional green tea
    - try to drink more water

    Here's what I plan to do:
    - 1500-3000 mg of EPO from menstruation to ovulation (to try to increase EWCM)
    - have a dr. appt for Wed. to prod about getting tests done or referral (DH's doc said wait a year despite our ages, grrr)
    - get more exercise (have become more sedentary lately)
    - meditation/yoga/relaxation (easier said than done of course)
    - made an appt for next week with a TCM to see about other herbs that might help and/or acupuncture
    - keep charting
    - alternate strategies from every day (because of scant CM), to every other day (possible lower sperm count in DH because of being over 40) and using OPK to pick the best timing.

    What's your strategy/plan? What would you like to do differently but it seems too hard? (like this coffee thing is killing me) Any other ideas?
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    Mar 22, 2011
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    Sounds like a lovely plan! I have yet to buy a BBT as today was much busier than I had planned on it being, but I guess another month without will not hurt. It'll also give me a chance to work on my diet and exercise to.

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