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Sep 30, 2008
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ok ladies... this is our first month trying and I am very confused about when ovulation occurs. I do understand that everyone is different but heres my confusion. I have a 28 day cycle every month. My last period was september 16th.... I had read on a a few websites that i would have probably ovulated on september 29th which woulsdve been day 14 in the cycle. Now i am reading on other sites that I could ovulate as late as this friday?! Im so confused please help! We tried so hard around the 29th and Im hoping that was when I ovulated!!!!! Im going crazy!:rofl:

It is really confusing and without knowing your own body a bit better virtually impossible. The websites that give you dates are generic so don't read into them too much (although I do hope for you that it is right). There are a few methods which can help predict Ov. OPK's (Ov Prediction Kits) which are sticks you pee on from a certain day in your cycle. You can pick these up from your pharmacy or even ebay (really cheap). I use them from CD 7 and they get darker as the LH surge increases, indicating when you should bed.

The other way is temping, using a basal thermometer. This doesn't suit me and is often a hindsight thing, but lots of the girls use this on here and swear by it.

Other way is getting to know what your CM is doing as it will increase in volume and get egg white stretchy around ov.

Sorry I know these indicators won't help this month, but may prepare you for next month if you haven't gotten lucky.

Fertility experts such as Zita West say to DTD 3-4x's wk and that covers all bases!

All the best of luck....x.
thanks for the info!! My CM was very thin,clear, and slippery on monday and there was alot of it... sorry if its TMI ... I read thats whats its supposed to be like if your fertile? hope so!:dohh:
Welcome to the boards first off!! :hug: I am going through the same thing trying to figure out this ovulating thing. Its my second month TTC so we're close to the same boat!! Hang in there!! :)

thanks zoey! that really helped me!
I HAVE A 28/29 day cycle and i have my PEAK cd15 and OV CD16, so you can't really use these websites alone BUT as long as you BD around this time , you should be covered.
Good luck!
I'm like Tansey and have a ~28day cycle and peak on CD11 and ov CD12, so you can see how different our ov times are even though we have the same cycle length.

PS. Slippy is what you're looking for and stretchy.

Good luck!

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