Could i be pregnant?


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Mar 10, 2007
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hi im new here!

I had sex 4 times during ovulation and ive had extreme fatigue, watery eyes, appetite change, pains in my stomach, slight nausea and a metal taste in my mouth and an increase in discharge (thick egg white and loads of it). I have this 'feeling' that im pregnant! My period is due on wed and by now i normally have pre menstrual cramps but i havnt had any signs of this!

Do you think i could be pregnant? We used a condom twice, once it came off inside me and once we used the withdrawal technique.

If i am pregnant id be three weeks gone but i think it may be too early for the symtoms im having! Has anyone had these symptoms so early on?

:hi: Welcome Carolina!

Well the best thing to do is to take a HPT! Although it may be to early. I would just try to sit back and try not to think about it. (I know easier said than done) Then if your AF does not show up on Wednesday, take a HPT.

Welcome To BnB!:hi:
I agree with suz ...
But Welcome to BnB and i hope you get the result you want.
Ohhhh I would test for sure hun.....sure symptoms, BUT also the symptoms are hard to say for sure as they are so similar to period symptoms, thats why we all get so frustrated on the 2ww!

Good luck hun, let us know how it goes! x
thanks for your support! I did a first response test today and it was negative but it may have been too early! Ive now got sore breasts aswell (which i never get!). Im going to wait now until friday as I will then be a couple of days late!

We hadnt planned to get pregnant but ive been increasingly broody the last year or so but now theres the chance i could be i really want to be!...although im quite scared but my boyfriend has been very supportive!
Hi Carolina

Welcome to BabyandBump & much luck :dust:

*Pist* first response is naff if your testing 'before' AF is due I think. I would wait until AF is due & test again x
All the best with the next test hun! x
havnt slept all night been up with nausea all night might do a first response test today as im due tomorrow and theres no sign of 'the witch'. lol
has anyone used first response early and got a +?
I did do, but it was so faint even I wasn't sure......the ones I swear by are the clearblue ones, not the digital, the cheaper ones, they have never let me down........I have had positives and been pregnant and negatives and not been, so I would strongly recommend them, and they were used by me a day or so before AF was due aswell as on the day she was due!

Good Luck hun! x
Welcome to BnB. Hope you get the result you wnt whne you test. Can't be much help on HPt as I normally drive myself mad and wait upto a week after AF due b4 testing, due to late BFP with ds, don't want to get uptight. Got BFP with this lo a couple of days after AF due using first response.
thanks guys! i tested this morning and it was negative so i was quite suprised so im going to leave it until firday now when im a couple of days late! I was really suprised it was -! I have unbearablt bad periods even when i was ont the pill and i get twinges or severe cramps from about a week before af arrrives!
Ohhhhhh not over yet then??

Well fingers crossed you get the result you want hun ...

Keep positive!!

tested yesterday: im too impatient and got a BFN still no AF if i dont have it by mon ill test again as these tests are costing me a fortune!! lol
lol ive got a doc appointmebnt on wed for asomefin else but the doc im goin to also happens to be the pregnancy doc so thats convenient lol!
Wishing you the best of luck hun! x
Wishing you lots of luck Carolina :dust:

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