Cow & gate ...runny poop!

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by Leanne87, Jun 6, 2011.

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    Anyone else have this with cow n gate???

    Ran low on milk last weekend (bank holiday) so popped to the local corner shop to pick up our usual SMA hungry baby milk....they had no sma milk whatsoever not even cartons....went to another shop and it was the same,
    So ended up buying a small tin of Cow & gate hungry baby milk.

    He seemed fine on it at first but the next morning he had diarrhoea, cleaned that up, fed him again and then a few hours later more diarrhoea.

    It stopped for a few hours but then came back so i took him to the gp.
    GP told me to stop milk and give him diralyte.

    Gave him Diralyte for 12hours as instructed and then back on the milk as there were no loose nappies.

    Half hour after his next bottle of C&G hungry baby the diarrhoea was back.

    Popped to the supermarket to pick up the sma hungry baby.
    Gave SMA at next feed....after 4 hours he passed a normal poo, and continued to do so once back on the sma.

    Anyone else had this with c&g???

    No idea why it caused him to have diarrhoea???

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