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Aug 31, 2006
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I have my dating scan for the 8th June at 9.20am

Sod waiting for the letter I rang teh ultrasound department :lol:

It will make me exactly 12 week according to my dates.

Still over 2 weeks to wait :cry: Had hoped they would give me an earlier one.
want to swap lol

mines on the 1st and i will be 11+1, its nicer at 12 weeks, you get a clearer picture :)

aww hun im sure that the 2weeks will fly by. just try and keep ur self busy hun x
its more like 3 weeks :(

An yip Layla lol I'm really getting to the point of needing some reassurance.
hopefuly the doppler will give you some reassurance soon

awww hun im sorry you have to wait so long!!

cheer up everything will be fine im sure!
Hope so!

hopefuly the doppler will give you some reassurance soon

Me too :(

It's really getting to me the whole thing. No sore boobs this morning. Nausea has been a handful of times. Just don't seem to have anything to go on & the weird pains I had yesterday really put me on edge again.
it will fly by, quicker than you think. you will be so amazed by the picture, I remember being shocked at how clear it was at 12 weeks, just amazing. ooo getting broody again xxxx
Aww sorry you got to wait so long Wobbles .. but sure the time will fly by. :hugs:
Aw hun... its a pregnant version of the 'TWO WEEK WAIT'.... really feel for you hun but wish I was pregnant....

Just think... once your have read my AF turned up late thread, I have the two week wait thread and an update from my fertility clinic tests at the beginning of June..... that your appt time will be here lol :dohh:

I bet its fantastic seeing your baby at 12 weeks.... something to look forward to ay... keep smiling hun and chin up. x:hugs:
you have to trust this scan tho hun, coz its along wait untill the 20 week one, then after that tehre is nothing, unless you go for a growth one lol

:hugs: hun, hopefully the time will fly by. It will be worth the wait.
Awwww wobs, i know it dont seem it but it will fly by!
I would def say havin a 12 week scan is better than before hun!
Hopefully u can stick it out!
Why re they not giving u anymore till then? do u know?
Aw at 12 weeks the pic will be amazing ! time will fly by !!
ahhh Steph, just noticed your ticker, yay, hope you will be joining us in here soon :D

Wobbles it aint half flying in hun!:hugs:

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