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Feb 24, 2008
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did anyone else watch this? i watched the start of it and am catching up now.

what did you guys think?!
I watched most of it but got bored and went for a bath. I just thought it was all abit freaky.
I was laughing my head off at the beginning when they lay here down and started hummin on her bits! Oh errrr
I fell asleep watching it, but yeah I found the start a bit freaky too with that man and woman, don't know how she kept a straight face! x
at the start the lady with the husband and 2 lovers was stranger cause they all looked the same!
I know but what about all the poor children that these people have. There minds must be abit messed up
it was very interesting actually, they had a big oil party where they all got naked and rolled around together covered in oil!

good for some not sure its good for me though
OMG I found it sooo weird, that womens lovers and husband looked like triplets!!!

The oil-orgy-massage thingy was really weird, it seemed really sexual to me even though that man said it wasn't...
at the start the lady with the husband and 2 lovers was stranger cause they all looked the same!

Ha ha!!! I thought exactly the same!!! I thought, 'well she's having her cake and eating it!' so to speak.......

Yeah it was really interesting I thought, I thought they were really brave to go ahead and allow the film crew in on that last bit...... Good for them.

I didn't really find it weird.. in the end as long as it's love they're into and nothing nasty, what's wrong with that? I've met some far more freakish 'monogamists'!!! It wouldn't work for me, but I suppose that's how I've been brought up. I love my OH and couldn't share him.... Hee hee. xx
I watched it.. omg.. what the hell. :rofl: Ex fella's in the room,and he's gone with someone else. And then he'll move onto someone else. But still do an oil-orgy with his ex's... :? What was the long hair on the men all about? Pmsl, they all seemed to sport a long do! And every one of em had a grin on there face constantly! :rofl:

She's crazy that dawn.
The oil thiing I imagine would be good with your own partner and no one else though. Was a bit weird in my opinion. But each to their own!
oh i wish id watched the end now for the oil thing seems how thats what most people found the funniest lol
i can imagine that the sensation would be nice all warm strokey and slippy but i dont think i could be naked with that many people, she certainly was having her cake and eating it i wonder if they all got together of if they were like separate couples?? they also had a baby? whos the daddy?? i bet the kids must get confused.
as dawn said free love looks good on paper but nothing in this life is free

oh and all that long hair i wouldnt think it would work to well in the oil party

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