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Day Trip!!



We're taking Pooch to Delamere Forest!!
Graham should really be resting, but he's come round to the idea! yay!!
Crispy leaves, and cold fresh air, nice forest!


Whats everyone else up to today?

making soup!!(how much of a granny do i sound...... please no body answer that!!)
Im attempting to tidy the place but keep getting distracted!
A stoll may do him good - Hows he doing Hayley?

Mmmm chicken noodle soup :p
im having a lazy day just not in the mood for doing anything, got true movie chanel on *how sad am i* 15 and pregnant is coming on soon i think, seen it a million times but still have to watch it again :lol:
i was going to go to the park today buuuut now its raining :? so now i haven't got a clue :) your day sounds fun tho Hayley :D:D october is my favorite month for the leaves and fresh air ect... :D
Sounds nice Hayley!

I have not been up to much today, had a bad hip :cry: so been lazy, as ever :wink:
i was up @ my mommys as shes no well playin we ma wee sis, any1 played tht brain game on ds???
What?!?!?!? Say again in English?! :lol:
claers throat and speaks very sllooooooowwwwwwllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy and clearly....

I was up at my mums. as she is not well. was playing with my little sister. has anyone played the brain game on the nintendo ds? lol
Oh :lol:

Thank You!! :lol:

No I haven't played it, is it any good, and is your Mum feeling any better? You been at the juice? :wink:
no just very hyper hee hee!!!! my mum is ok shes manic depressive and having a relapse at the moment, the brain game is ace!!!!
Awwwwwww bless, I hope she is feeling better soon hun :hugs:

Woohoo a hyper hanimal :wink:

Is that what it's called, the brain game?

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