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Deciding to WTT or TTC


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Jan 31, 2008
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Hi everyone!!

thought it was about time i introduced myself as i am a phantom reader of all posts hehe

Im 22 (23 in december) with hubby who is 25 we started to TTC in Sept last year then stopped then started then said whatever happens hehe annyyway im sure you have all been through the same should we shouldnt we...

its horrible knowing that its better to wait as all you want is for your family to be complete but on the other hand knowing you waited and had everything in place is even better!

Currently i am hoping to start a part time foundation degree which will be 3 years, we also have a nearly 4 month old puppy and need to get driving so enough on our hands along with normal needing to sort some savings, have another holiday and house stuff! so why do i want to be a glutton for punishment and add sleepless nights!! who knows!! anyway... i will stop rambling!!

I hope you dont mind me making a LOOONNGGG pit stop here!

Alice x
Hi and welcome

I know what you mean - I got H to argee to a comprimise - he can race his motorbike next year and we can start trying timed so if I am lucky enough to get a bfp straight away then the season will be over when I have the baby !!!!! Feb is now creaping up and we are going on holiday in nov, then h's birthday, then christmas so not going to be able to save any money until Jan - am a bit worried about money and how I am going to cope as I am not very good under stress so am panicing a bit now its getting closer but it may not happen straight away so may have more time anyway !!!!

As you said at the same time you want to have a family :hissy: - theese feelings are horrible aren't they

Hi Missy :hi: Welcome

Best of luck to you with whatever you decide.

Hi Missy good luck and welcome x
Hi and welcome, where abouts in merseyside you from? I know round there quite well :)

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