development plateau in 13 month old?

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by daneuse27, Oct 7, 2013.

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    My girl was normally advanced for her age in terms of developmental milestones (held head up at 3 days old, rolled over at 2 weeks, crawled at 7 months etc) but now she's 13 months and seems pretty slow at acquiring new skills.) She started trying to stand unassisted at 9 months, but even now hardly ever wants to do it. She walked for the first time over a month ago, but hasn't done it since :hissy:

    She's learned to wave and clap un the last month, so there's that. She also repeated "book" to me the other day.

    But I still just wonder if its normal for a baby that stood up against furniture at 8 months is still doing that the majority of the time now instead if walking? I've tried encouraging her to walk again, but it doesn't seem like she wants to even though she did it before :(

    She's very social, interactive and definitely understands words. She just babbles the majority of the time instead of saying words (although its possible I'm not recognizing them - it was my family that picked up her first word "hi" at 7 months and not me)
    These days she says hi, and mom and "yeah" sometimes when I offer her something but nit a whole lit else.

    Please tell me this can be normal and I shouldn't worry?
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    Sounds a confidence issue to me. I try gently encouraging her to walk. But if she is a crawler she might prefer crawling to walking as it will be faster for her at this stage.
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    Some babies are more cautious than others. Mine was lifting his upper body & had perfect head control at birth, he was standing on 4 & rocking before he was 6 months, but he didn't manage to crawl until he was over 9 months. He took his steps few days before his 1st birthday, but he never stood unaided before walking. He didn't even start climbing until he was over 18 months, he never went under a bed or table to get a toy, when he did he used to measure the distance with his head to avoid hurting himself. He didn't even touch a thing before we did. He didn't even manage to climb the stairs on his own until he was 2.5 yrs.

    Mine was an early talker but my nephew didn't even start to use words until he was over 2 yrs, but when he started to talk it was in full sentences, he's not 3 yet but he can hold a conversation using two languages like an adult. He didn't walk until he was 14 months although he started crawling at 7 months.

    It sounds normal Hun, reaching milestones when they are babies is not an indication about their development when they're older. She seems on track xx
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    My daughter has also hit a sort of developmental plateau at the moment. She has about 4 words that she uses but hasnt learned anymore in about 2 months. She wasnt even close to walking but then the week of her birthday she started taking steps and now can walk like a champ! I just kept encouraging her to stand up by herself and when she had the confidence she started taking steps.


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