Do you go back to normal after?


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Aug 31, 2008
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After you have your baby do you go back to normal? I am starting to think I ill be this pipped up, anxious wreak all of my life now. How long doe sit take to recover.?I imagine the baby will be there to keep you happy only I am dreading feeling like I do now after the baby is born as I am quite depressed and have anxiety. Loads of factors contribute to this so its not for no reason I just aint as laid back as I was.
Nope....sorry babe. You have more to worry about once they're here....whether they're gaining weight ok, eating the right foods, worrying about safety etc.

Sorry to burst your bubble but I used to be laid back and now I'm on pins worrying about my kids:cry:

Everyone's different though and maybe I'm more of a worry wart than others:dohh::blush:
I understand that i meant my body. I want rid of this scatty temper. I know I will worry forever! its what I seem to be good at. suppose I am worried about PND also. Doc says she will give me something after the birth anyway.

And my sex life has gone bust also and that upset me. :( once I can get out again i will be fine, can take babes out in pram! can go on my bike as well we worry to daeth.
Everybody's different bodywise after pregnancy....after my 1st couple of pregnancies my body was a slightly different shape but not much after I lost the weight but now....erm it's knackered:rofl:....but that could be age too.

My sister has only had one baby and her body has changed dramatically as she put on over 6 stones during pregnancy so I doubt that'll ever go back to anything like it used to be:dohh:

No point fretting about what maybe though. You sound fairly active so things will probably be a little easier for you to get back in shape:happydance:

Erm I thought that after 5 births my pelvic floor muscles would be wrecked and I would be in competition with the channel tunnel:rofl:....this doesn't seem to be the case though....phew:wohoo:. Sex life still pretty good:happydance::cloud9:
No hevs its appreciated. I am just a bit down this past few days and cant wait till its all over as the wait is killing me! I feel like a kid waiting for christmas here. Plus I am stuck in the stage where I have noting to do.

weight dosnt annoy me I can loose ok as I cant eat most the same foods as others with a gluten intolerance. Just the mood swings are doing my head in.

It makes me happy though to think about after the birth when I get to see baby, i just fret incase i am down then. i shouldnt read other poeples stories really it does make me paranoid that that will happen to me.
Just the mood swings are doing my head in.

It makes me happy though to think about after the birth when I get to see baby, i just fret incase i am down then. i shouldnt read other poeples stories really it does make me paranoid that that will happen to me.

In fact being more aware of what can happen will make it easier for you to get help if you do feel like that afterbirth....that's what I think anyway. I have had postnatal depression and knowing about it beforehand made me feel less isolated and more inclined to tell the Dr/Healthvisitor straightaway instead of trying to ignore it.

Only time will tell, it's an imbalance of hormones not just "the way you think" IYKWIM? So not something you can control unfortunately. Some hospitals offer perinatal councilling and pregnancy councilling too so you can nip all your worried in the bud now:happydance:

I hope everything is gonna be ok for you, try and stay positive and don't worry about the maybe's and what if's:hugs::hug:
I go up and down, most the time I am ok there is just that few hours where i am crying and feel like crap. Suppose the stress of this last week has mounted and I know if some stuff didnt happen i would be ok probably by now.

The sex thing got to me today, i was wondering if i would ever get it back again. Darren is supportive but I do worry it wont come back and dont want to be drugged up after as that effects everything.

Maybe it will all work out i will try to stay positive. My mate told me that poeple who suffer from PND actually never had depression before and the poeple that did where less likely to suffer from it. I hope she is right there.

I aint really a positive person but i try so hard to be! my whole family is like that also, very negitive! I try nipping things in the bud and proving there is a way out of things liek depression. i dont suffer in silence I done that for so many years.

after scan on tuesday I hopefully will feel better, I hope i make it there this time! thats what gets me to when I dont go i really get angry at myself. And I let people down as Darren really wants to go also so i feel pressured. I will go even if i cry my eyes out like a baby inthe car. Last time i was so happy coming out with my scan pics i was near showing strangers in the corridors lol

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