Does anyone else child suffer from Anoxia?

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    My 5 year old son was diagnosed as having Reflex Anoxic Seizures at around 2 and half yrs old.
    He first displayed symptoms at 10 mths old, he bumped his head, went rigid , stopped breathing and his lips and eyelids tinged blue. Within 2 mins ( felt like a lifetime) he was conscious, but drousy and clingy. I took him to A&E where he was checked and sent home with no concerns.
    This happened on and off for a while hed bump himself , go rigid and black out. My mum said it was breath holding, but i knew in my gut something was wrong.
    It wasnt until he had 2 funny turns in the space of an hr, witout hurting himself, that my Gp referred him to a paed for tests. He had ECGs and EEGs, all were normal.
    After alot of time they diagnosed him, but decided against medicating him as they were not regular enough. They told me he would grow out of it, im still waiting for him to.
    The scary part was when i did research online as they didnt fully explain it, reading things like his heart actually stops was frightening!!
    He doesnt have them very often now but when he does he actually starts convulsing when his heart fires up again, scary! But the hospital wont see him unless they become more frequent again, and every immunisation has to be cleared through his consultant before he has them. He had a huge seizure after his MMR booster.
    I was just wondering if anyone else had experience of this as i know noone else who has children with this x

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